Weekly Rants and Raves; Volume: 1

Since I’m waiting for cashiers to arrive at Walmart, they get there by 7am, I thought I would take this time to check in and recap my week’s “thoughts”. It’s not an official Friday “Rants and Raves” post, but close enough, eh? In fact, it’s more like a Tuesday recap….LOL   I’ve jotted down some […]

It’s ALL about Perspective

Something I’ve struggled with since the beginning of this weight loss journey was facing the scale. It has been an ongoing battle. I’d think I was at a solid place, but every time that sucker would come out, fear and panic would set in. Looking back to my not-done-correctly-done vertical sleeve, I see now that, […]

Random Friday Thoughts and Some Ranting

I really want to try to post a new blog at least weekly. Some weeks I’ll have more to say than other weeks I’m sure. Today’s blog post isn’t necessarily burning on my heart to share, it’s more so some “random thoughts with Angie” just some observations I’ve made during the week pertaining to myself, […]

Balance: Discovering Me

You would think after all I’ve been through regarding weight loss, exercise, nutrition blah blah blah. I’d have the inside scoop on how to achieve balance…. right?   Wrong!! I can absolutely assure you balance is something I struggle with and honestly, I don’t know if this is who I have always been? I’m not […]

This is where I leave you…

As 2016 closes, it’s important to declare that I’m leaving behind the following with it!   Overthinking…..EVERY little detail of my weight loss journey. Fear…………worrying about every little detail of exercise, food blah blah blah Lack of Trust……I’ll be leaving behind NOT fully trusting God or my program or my surgeon, this is so stupid […]

It ends NOW!!!!!

It’s confession time. I’ve noticed that since I hit the 180s, I’ve been slowly slipping back into some old patterns of thinking. Like crazy intense workouts, sneak eating bad foods and not tracking them in my fitness pal (as if I don’t track them somehow, they don’t count?) but the biggest one, jumping on the […]