Goals Aren’t Evil

Goals aren’t the enemy, Satan is the enemy and how he twists things up is the weapon of choice.

The last 17 months have held a gamut of life lessons, some more difficult to swallow then others. Loss of friendships, distance from toxic family members, and learning to die to any unrealistic expectations of body image I’ve held onto for the last several years. The pendulum has swung from one extreme to the other, of course my husband would tell you this is perfectly normal for me.

However, over the last couple of months, through in depth Biblical counseling, God has really brought healing and restoration to my mind in the areas of weight. I went through, and am still in a season where I am no longer focused on the infamous “goal weight” You know that magic number that we Bariatric folk thinks equals success. The last month or so, I have stopped weighing daily and given up this elusive number that I’d self-imposed. Instead I started focusing on how God sees me

and you know what?

He thinks I’m splendid.

So, I’ve been caught up there. In this thought, that God has fearfully created me….little ole ME and He thinks I’m pretty great……I know, right?!! Mind blown


So, along with this death to the self-imposed infamous number. has come this deep feeling of loss and since I was no longer focused on attaining this” goal weight” I was allowing things that really shouldn’t be in my diet in. You know, the fun stuff, hard candies that I’d justify eating by saying, “oh I have coffee breath so they make my breath smell better” but in all honesty, I was eating like 15.

Or donuts,

not daily or weekly,

but a WHOLE donut for my husband’s birthday.

Just things that have no business in my nutrition.

I guess I got caught up in getting the ok from my dietician to have my carbs around 100g and sure if I were wanting to maintain 185lbs that would be where they would need to be, but I’d like to lose another 10 or so pounds. See how the pendulum was swinging here?

Are you getting the picture?

Anyway, it wasn’t until the other day, a Bariatric friend posted an accountability post and her goals which were very cool and attainable. Things like cleaning up nutrition, exercise etc. Somehow it was mentioned she’s in this accountability group and there’s a 16-week challenge involved. I jumped pretty immediately. It’s just the thing I need to get the rest of what God’s been doing in me to full fruition.

The challenge is organized by a guy named Pat, who lost 340lbs. People’s goals vary. So here are mine and what I’m focusing on for the next 16 weeks which begins today, 9/12/2017, thru. 1/2/2018.


Ø  Tightening up my diet, cut out all the crap that I’ve allowed to sneak in, like hard candies etc.

Ø  NO weekend indulging whatsoever….NO time to cheat on these goals.

Ø  Lose 10.6lbs in 16 weeks which is a weekly loss of .6625lbs a week.

Ø  Lose 5 inches in my waist to go from a 39 to 34. This will require a core focus to my weekly gym workouts.

Ø  Be mindful of my food choices and extend myself grace to make mistakes.


As of today, for this challenge, I’m weighing 184.6. I’d like to lose 10.6lbs in this 16 weeks to put me at 174 which would put my bmi at 27. I’m excited to see what my body will do on the right foods and I’m hopeful it will respond by losing weight and inches.

So the long and short of it is this, goals aren’t bad and for me, being a VERY goal oriented person they are essential in keeping me grounded and motivated. Goals only become a problem when they start to snuf out life and I become obsessive about them.






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