There isn’t a Mold…..

As I break free from my obsession of daily weighing, I’m trying to find the one day of the week when I feel like it would be best for me to “weigh in” I thought it was going to be Wednesdays. I mean social media makes Wednesdays “weigh in Wednesdays” So I was desperately trying to “fit” into that mold. But here’s the thing with weighing EVERY stinking day, I’ve come to realize how food and my workouts and my fluid intake along with my menstrual cycle play into my weigh in AND I always weigh heavier on Wednesdays…..ALWAYS

And this is a problem for me as I try to walk in the peace and contentment that God has brought me about the infamous “number”


So as I decide on which day of the week I will officially weigh in on. It will either be Thursday or Friday, but I’m leaning more toward Friday. I’ve asked my husband to hold me accountable to only weighing ONCE a week. This is going to be CRUCIAL for me to remain in God’s peace……CRUCIAL.


I’m not going to lie, next week will be a struggle as I watch Wednesday come and go without stepping foot on the scale, BUT I know that God has brought me into a new season. A new season of teaching me that bringing consistency to my life, through diet, exercise, laughter, being present in life is ultimately the end goal to my surgery.


I hope that you to can find your rhythm and realize that this bariatric journey, while not a magic bullet because we still need to work our tool, isn’t about comparing our weight loss numbers with others on social media. It’s about finding out who we really are under the layers of fat. And here’s a news flash, it’s completely fine if you don’t fit the “mold” because welcome to my world! Lol


IMG_9311                                                  Have a great day friends and be blessed.

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