Set Goals and Crush Them!!

IMG_9184September Goals 2017


It feels like it’s been a thousand years since I last blogged anything. For a second I thought I would just do YouTube videos, but honestly, they seem more difficult for my cognitively challenged brain. This way I can at least proof read and edit.

What better way to get “back into” the blogosphere then to kick it off with my September goals?

So, this month I will be 17 months post op revision from a seriously screwed up gastric sleeve to RNY with a completely different surgeon, heck a completely different state for that matter!

17 months ago, I weighed just shy of 250.

On the morning of my surgery I weighed 249 and as of last week I weighed right around 183. I bounce between 183-186.

And guess what?

I don’t really care what the stupid number is (as long as it stays UNDER 200!!!)

In fact, you will no longer hear me throw a “goal” number out there anymore, it’s to toxic to my brain, my peace and my journey. I’m just done with that nonsense.

I went through a period where I was weighing EVERY. STINKING.MORNING, but thankfully that obsession has died, but only by the grace of God and the Biblical counseling that I’m currently receiving. I shared on a YouTube video a week or so ago that prior to my health crisis, which is HOW I gained close to 150lbs I just didn’t care what I weighed nor did I own a scale, so this weighing daily obsession had been a result of being sucked into social media and following other Bariatric people on their journey and subconsciously believing I wasn’t doing as good etc. Looking back now I realize how messed up this thinking was/is, but at the time I was blinded.

But like I said, God in His mercy reached down into my pit of self-hatred and snatched me out before it destroyed me and for that I am eternally grateful!!

As of today, I am no longer weighing every day. I weigh about twice a week. My “official” weigh in is Fridays where I track that number in the app. My Fitness Pal. Otherwise I stay off the scale BECAUSE here’s what I’m learning. As long as I am getting my program’s required 30 minutes of cardio in daily and lifting weights 2-3 times a week, plus meeting their protein goal of 70g+ of protein and 64oz of fluids I’m golden, BUT I have other goals that I’m listing today as my “September Goals 2017” and I’m sharing them here today.


Here they are, are you ready?



Be intentional about eating food vs drinking food, which has been a struggle for me because the scale dips down into the 170s when I stop eating food, like when I  just do shakes all day with one meal a day, but this isn’t a healthy long-term approach to life, especially with my fitness level. Sooooo goal #1 is to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. M-F will look like high protein, healthy complex carbs etc. Then on the weekends I may enjoy a treat or two, I don’t know but I’m no longer stressed about it, which is HUGE for me.


I plan to lift weights 3 days a week and as of today (9/4/17) started the stronglift’s 5×5 program, which I THINK I’ll like, but time will tell. It’s a complete departure from what I was doing. Started with push/pull/legs six days a week in 2014, then switched to 2-3 FULL body weights day which was eh, but needed and honestly was mostly just upper bod,y while I rehabbed my IT band, but I got the green light from my physical therapist on Thursday to do some leg exercises, so that required me to either A) find a new program, which I did or B) go back to push/pull/legs.  I’m still trying to figure out this new program, but I think I’ll like it. Time will tell.



I desire to be more intentional with connecting with my husband. It seems like the rat race of the day can sweep you up and you blink and 17 years have flown by!! This month we celebrate being married 17 years, which seems monumental to me personally. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been the girl who has felt like the “off” years seem more significant. So, while yes turning 16 was a big deal, 17 felt bigger, just like 19 did, no clue why just is in my brain. So as Jeff and I get ready to celebrate this (in my opinion) monumental anniversary, I want him to feel loved, appreciated and respected by me and quite honestly, I stink at all three daily, so I desire to be better in the month of September.



Here’s how all these goals will get done and are ultimately tied together. I NEED to spend time DAILY journaling and being immersed in the Bible because this is truly the ONLY way I find peace, contentment and joy. It’s the only time I’m not stressed or feeling overly anxious. So it’s IMPERATIVE that I quickly etch out this time in my day. It seems like since school has started along with PT I just haven’t had time, but that ends TODAY because just like exercise at the gym for my body. My heart needs this fellowship with God.



I want to print off all my blog entries, hole punch them, bind them and actually read back through them to see how far I’ve come and what I still need to work on. This is going to be a daunting task, but doable, so as of today I’ll start that process.


Introducing my September goals and my reintroduction back into the blogging world. Hello.

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