Balance: What is “goal” weight anyway?

So yesterday I was struck by this thought of goal weight and balance. I will be ten months out from a revision to gastric bypass on February 18 and at this point I’ve officially lost 70lbs and I’m very proud of that accomplishment. It’s funny because when I started this journey I was convinced that if I didn’t hit 157 (my original personal goal weight) I’d be disappointed. Then when I met Dr. Schumacher and basically forced him to give me a goal number, he said based on my height and frame size between 155-165 and I was like, “yep cool that’ll put me at 157, then I saw him in November and he said realistically 165 would be more appropriate due to my muscle mass. I giggle even typing that sentence, me? Muscle mass, um ok?!! But that number had to sink in and take several months to “settle” in my brain and it’s been resonating ever since.

Then yesterday happened.

Nothing major to be honest, just my brain on overdrive. Maybe it was too much caffeine, lol

I’ll be honest 165 even feels like light years away BUT it’s light years away from 250 where I started and definitely light years away from 315 where I originally started!! So as I battle the 1.4lbs lbs of Valentine’s day sugar. Yesterday’s conclusion was this….

When I get to 165 IF my body loses more, fine, if not, fine. I’ll be happy and fully satisfied because as I graze 179, The 170s feel great! My body feels great for the first time since I can even think back and remember, so that’s amazing and the reality? A number didn’t do that!! There are so many non-scale victories that again a number didn’t do them, of course it has helped to lose weight and I am FOREVER grateful to have found Dr. Schumacher.

Am I giving up?

Absolutely NOT

I’m just simply saying that today I’m choosing to be happy with my so far progress and continue to push toward 157

BUT I’m certainly not going to be disappointed if I end up at 165 and

I’m certainly not going to talk to myself negatively anymore because

It’s NOT worth it!!

I’ve lost 70lbs in TEN months…..TEN and I’m falling in love with myself, my God and my husband more than I have ever before.

My take away from yesterday’s brain barrage?

The goal isn’t the number

The goal truly IS healthy

Mind. Body. Spirit.


2 thoughts on “Balance: What is “goal” weight anyway?

  1. From the hell I went through (obese to anorexia) do not go by numbers. I thought when I was close to 300 pounds, then down to 137, I thought everything would be bliss. That’s my own story, though. I thought wearing a size 12 instead of a 22 would be heaven, well, it was hell and then experienced an eating disorder. Crazy! That was 3 years ago.

    I’ve gone to therapy for some dark issues, talked about how I was obese almost all of my life and the maintained 285 lbs. It helped. I am now 160 lbs., wear a size 16/18, don’t care what people think of my body image anymore, and feel the best I have in years.

    My family doctor expressed that for my age (60), height, illnesses, etc. I should weigh between 147-177. I feel comfortable now and much happier. Be careful what you wish for, deal with any emotional issues that might get in the way of gaining weight again. I wis you huge big wishes, pat yourself on the back at how far you’ve come. Big hugs, Deb


    1. Goal is to hit somewhere in my surgeon’s goal range of 155-165, but we’ll see, no desire for anything less
      I’ve lived a hellish health history of chronic migraines, brain tumor, stroke, lost dream of completing grad school, low vision and cognitive issues that at this point to have less than 8 debilitating migraines a month, to run and be active is really the goal, hence the point of my post
      I’m sorry you’ve dealt with so much yourself but it sounds like you are overcoming beautifully 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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