Weekly Rants and Raves; Volume: 1

Since I’m waiting for cashiers to arrive at Walmart, they get there by 7am, I thought I would take this time to check in and recap my week’s “thoughts”. It’s not an official Friday “Rants and Raves” post, but close enough, eh? In fact, it’s more like a Tuesday recap….LOL


I’ve jotted down some thoughts as they’ve struck me this week, all of which apply to this crazy, awesome weight loss surgery journey I’ve been on for almost NINE months now (Jan. 18) !! Soooo crazy

Ø  My entire family got some nasty virus, head cold/stuffiness, sore throat etc. For them it lasted about 2 weeks. I got it on Sunday and by Wednesday, I was feeling better. Now typically, when our family gets this I would run to my PCP and beg for a Zpack and take one or even two rounds of that depending on the severity. This time I ironically had a blood pressure follow up with my NP (nurse practioner) and I was telling her about my family being sick and how I had a day of a scratchy throat but I was still exercising I had just increased my fluids. She said to me, after checking me out, “your glands are slightly swollen, otherwise I think you are doing great!” When I told her how ironic this was and my past abuse of Zpack, she said to me, “this just proves that you are getting healthier!!!”  This statement literally stopped me in my tracks…. because she’s right. I AM getting healthier, I see it in so many aspects of my life, but this aspect is just a hugely awesome bonus!!

Ø  My Garmin Heart Rate Monitor…. oh this lovely chain of bondage is finally SOLD!!! And this is a HUGE non-scale victory for me personally. You see, I tracked ALL my calories burned using this device and would FLIP out when the HR wasn’t reading accurately because that meant that the calories weren’t accurate, oh my. Anyway, God had been dealing with me on this issue since we moved to Illinois, showing me it was NOT about seeing the calories burned on my Garmin, rather it IS about consistency. Consistency with exercise, for me, will always be VITAL to my health. It not only helps my weight loss, but it contributes to keeping me migraine free, my BP lowered and my heart healthy, so something FINALLY clicked and voila, Jeff sold that chain of entrapment for me and I’ve been enjoying spending what I made from it on other fitness “needs” plus I haven’t missed it one iota!!.


Ø  We just had a nasty ice storm here, which didn’t start until my daughter and I were driving to the gym the other morning. We actually made it to my gym parking lot, but by this time, the rain was freezing as it was hitting our windshield. Now the old me would’ve pushed through, gotten my workout in and braved the roads after my workout, but the new Angie decided it wasn’t worth the risk to stay, put myself and my daughter in further harm’s way, so we turned around and headed home. This was HUGE for me……MONUMENTAL actually a big win for whom God is recreating me to be, which I love by the way.

Ø  Oh sugar how I loathe you and yet you continue to haunt me. I nibbled on some baked goods I made for my family and PAID dearly for it the other day to which my husband said, “Angie why do you do that to yourself?” Me: “I seriously don’t know” He said and this is what struck me, “I think you do it because you’ve gotten away with it before and you like to see if you can get away with it again?” you know? I think he’s right. Because it’s not that I WANT those things and in fact, they aren’t even satisfying to me after I eat them. I think it’s the old self fighting against the new self and ironically my devotional the next morning was on this VERY subject!! I’m learning, not there yet, but learning nonetheless.

Ø   HUNGER…..hello, I wasn’t expecting you back….ever, but here you are, I think? So I’ll be 9 months out from surgery on the 18th of this month. Revision of sleeve to bypass. My surgeon had no real prediction when or if my hunger would return. He was surprised at my 6 month follow up that it hadn’t so it gave me hope that perhaps it never would. I had been praying that it would NEVER return. See with my botched sleeve I was CONSTANTLY hungry, ravenous even. It was MISERABLE. I didn’t want to have another surgery and have to deal with ravenous hunger again, quite frankly it had been one of my biggest fears, that an never actually getting under 200 pounds. Well I’m happily under 200 pounds and as of yesterday, I believe I experienced my first twinge of a hunger pangs. I had talked extensively to a variety of my FB friends who have had bypass before I went through with my surgery and the overall consensus was that even after hunger returns it’s NOTHING like it was pre-op and IF what I experienced yesterday and even a bit this morning IS in fact hunger, they are right!! NOTHING like it was beforehand. So that helps diminish my fears a bit. I was just surprised I guess by it.

Ø  And finally I had a great phone chat the other day with an old friend who has had the gastric sleeve, she’s a Christian and she made some off handed comment about how she could never have bypass because “to change your antimony that drastically via bypass just doesn’t seem ok in regard to God” something like that, I don’t remember her exact words because quite frankly I was stunned. Mostly because it felt judgmental, secondly because she herself has had bariatric surgery, so kettle/pot here. I don’t know, it threw me a bit. But mostly it put me on a path once again saying, “OK God was I wrong in my decision to have bypass?” You see, I believe I whole heartedly sought God BEFORE my revision surgery, even believing that God led me to my Ohio surgeon, which I still absolutely do!! And here’s my conclusion on this subject, ONCE AGAIN……bariatric surgery, for me, was a medical intervention that God has used in my life to restore me to HEALTH…..period. This is the closest I’ve been to God in YEARS, the closest I’ve been to feeling and being myself in YEARS. So for me, bariatric surgery was a medical intervention much like brain surgery I had in 2002, was God not ok with that too? At the end of the day, we all have a choice. I’m not going to sit here and say that Bariatric surgery is necessary for ALL morbidly obese people, but I’m certainly not going to judge anyone who chooses to have it or chooses not to have it. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

So this is my week in review, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Be blessed friends.dont-judge-me

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