NO, you can’t look at my diary (bariatric focused :)

I awoke today to an email from a MyFitnessPal friend who asked if I would be willing to “share my food diary because you are doing so well”

My response?

NO, sorry, I’ve been burned.

Badly actually

A few years ago a different bariatric “friend” who had access to my MFP diary went into a mutual WLS group and literally posted my diary and continued with something like, “and this Angie is why you aren’t losing….blah blah blah” I was devastated, at the time, but looking back from today knowing that I was NOT an actual bariatric patient it just makes me chuckle now, BUT it taught me a tough lesson and here it is…..

Not everyone is out for your good…..period.

Not everyone will understand or even appreciate your journey and guess what?

That’s OK.

The second we stop living for ourselves and start worrying about what others think or we start questioning our Bariatric journey by comparing our loss or stalls or whatever with someone else’s we give a piece of our soul away.

And, that in my opinion, is the biggest travesty.  God is restoring you, by using our incredible tool.

And guess what else?

It’s NOT worth the pain….period

My advice?

Appreciate how far you’ve come, look back, if need be and REMEMBER where you started.

If your loss has stalled or even stopped and you haven’t hit your SURGEON’s goal, then I would ask you these questions….

  1. Are you active? Meaning more than walking around the block?
  2. What are you eating? You KNOW what you’re putting into your mouth WITHOUT having to look at someone else’s MFP diary to figure it out.
  3. Are you still eating protein first, keeping carbs low?
  4. Are you meeting your liquid goals?
  5. Do you follow up with your Bariatric surgeon on a regular basis?

If you are still puzzled after answering these questions, then CALL YOUR NUTRITIONIST/PROGRAM

I don’t have the answers beyond this, sorry.

BUT know this…… you are beautiful and amazing and NEVER let anyone look down at you, so go look in the mirror and tell yourself that and do  NOT become your own biggest critic!!wls-not-the-easy-way-out

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