It’s ALL about Perspective

Something I’ve struggled with since the beginning of this weight loss journey was facing the scale. It has been an ongoing battle. I’d think I was at a solid place, but every time that sucker would come out, fear and panic would set in. Looking back to my not-done-correctly-done vertical sleeve, I see now that, not only was I comparing my results with everyone I saw on Facebook, but I realized I wasn’t losing as quickly. So, I jumped the ship on Dr. Hawver’s half assed program and followed the advice of a FB friend as far as nutrition. Sure, it worked, but it was strict and non-self-sustaining. So, it was no wonder when I abandoned that ship in Houston I easily gained 40+ pounds.

During our Texas stint, I didn’t get on the scale out much at all and it felt liberating. I was paying a nutritionist and she took my “weigh-ins”, measurements etc. The focus was on losing body fat with her, something I had piled on remember?
Anyway, fast forward to today and after all that crazy and learning that I was NEVER in fact an ACTUAL bariatric patient in 2014, but I am now. It’s brought the scale back in my sights, so to speak.

At first it was super fun, jumping on that little bugger post op and watching the weight melt off. It quickly started to feel like a chore again though so I started only weighing every few days and while that was ok, it really depended on several factors like monthly cycle, fluid intake, carbs etc. to determine if I had lost anything.

But one thing remained with my weigh ins, especially only weighing in every few days, I would still feel panicky and fearful to step on that scale. I knew this was stupid logically, but it didn’t dismiss how I felt. So, I started asking other Bariatric people, “hey how often do you weigh” Their answers ranged from weekly, monthly to daily…. which was really no help at all. BUT one of the girls, whom I’m a FB friend with and is several years out post op bypass (like me now) has not only lost a ton of weight but continues to keep it successfully off (which is my ultimate goal), says she weighs DAILY  **gasp**

At first, I felt appalled but  then I asked myself why, the bottom line came down (for me) all the crap that counselor from Rolla feed me for over a year, which looking back, it was NOT Biblically based counseling  and it was barely clinical. So yes, I’m still unraveling from that mind warp, but God will see me through and heal my mind/thinking…. but I digress.

So, back to weighing daily, as I started to ponder this thought. I began to research online to see what’s out there on this school of thought and the article I’ve attached herereframe-your-perspective is the one that really spoke to me and God used to break any fear/overthinking about getting on the scale. Something this article said is this, “stepping on the scale should be like brushing your teeth” and that sentence made it click for me. Suddenly stepping on the scale doesn’t seem so daunting OR burdensome OR scary. In fact, it’s been interesting to watch how food/liquid affect the scale.

So, for me, today, this works.


I know I’ve shared this struggle with many of you and I can already picture in my mind those of you who will have something to say but BEFORE you do please consider two things…..

  1. God speaks to me….period
  2. This works for ME and I’m NOT saying it works for everyone.


What I’ve learned through this process is again overthinking and an unchanged perspective will ultimately destroy me and all that I’ve worked so hard to build in these last couple of years. I like who God is creating me to become and I’m thankful to HIM Every. Single. Day. He chooses to give me breath

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