Random Friday Thoughts and Some Ranting

I really want to try to post a new blog at least weekly. Some weeks I’ll have more to say than other weeks I’m sure. Today’s blog post isn’t necessarily burning on my heart to share, it’s more so some “random thoughts with Angie” just some observations I’ve made during the week pertaining to myself, my family and those I’m in contact with on a daily/regular basis. I’m tossing around the idea of making my Friday post my “random thoughts” post from the week, we’ll see….


So here goes


ü  I don’t see Chicago being our “forever” home. Don’t get me wrong. I am thankful that Jeff has a job and all of that. I’m thankful that we live in a smaller suburb of this massive city, but bottom line is this….people are flipping RUDE here….rude. Rude drivers, rude in every aspect and it’s a different kind of rude than Texas. Texas was all sugary sweet I’m-from-here-you’re-not-so-you-suck kinda rude, this is just a different rude. And it’s just too COLD for any person in their right mind to want to live here long term. Just my opinion. Not to mention, we haven’t found a solid church. So yeah, not seeing Chicago as our “forever” home, but of course only God really knows so I’ll just leave it up to Him.


ü  I met a girl yesterday at my gym, I’ve seen her for awhile now and after talking to her for a bit she told me she’s a social worker at a local hospital (something I was on track to do in 2009 before my stroke took me out of that game) and it struck me, while she was talking…WOW I’m not a social worker….like WOW. I am NOT passionate about it, at all. Maybe at one time I was, but how I ever got on that track is absolutely besides me, I mean I have some thoughts on this, but they aren’t really of interest to anyone I’m sure. So yeah, that struck me yesterday. Which then caused me to stop and literally thank God for my stroke….i know, right?

ü  You’re probably thinking, “Angie are you crazy?” just go with me for a minute here…. Had I NOT had my stroke, I’d be; in some dead end social work job, bitter because let’s face it’s a SEVERELY broken system, morbidly obese (I weighed about 280 in graduate school, but NO time for anything health/fitness/bariatric focus, barely had a surviving marriage (long story) I was quite miserable, but hey I was on track pursuing my Master’s yada yada yada.

My stroke took me out out of that game completely. Completely diverted my ability to complete Graduate school, or my Master’s. and not only that, somehow put me on this health/fitness/bariatric track that, sure has been marred with controversy, but has literally given me my life back. So yep, thankful to God doesn’t even begin to describe where I’m at after talking to that girl yesterday.


ü  Everyone has a story. The person on the treadmill next to you, has a story.Which leads me to my next thought on this Fridsay….. I see all these **ahem** jerky fitness people on my FB complaining about the gym “newbies”, ya know because it’s the first of the year and EVERYONE resolves to get fit/lose weight etc and I TOTALLY get it, it IS annoying to us “regulars”, But my newsfeed has been full of complaints by said fitness/bodybuilding folks.. but geesh GET OVER YOURSELVES ALREADY!!!! Mos oft you make a living as a personal trainer, which blows my mind when I stop to think YOU are complaining about YOU could potentially be helping, oh right, they  That was the CONSTANT mentality I ran into in Texas was this: “My advice isn’t free” No lie, I heard it so much that when I moved to Chicago I just assumed it’d be that way here…..nope and thank you Jesus for the Midwest where people actually give a crap about other people. Now I will say this, there is ONE exception to my Texas insight and Richard if you are reading this, let me say, “THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being a stand up human being who genuinely cares about others and WILL give your advice out for free. You my friend are a rare gem in a cesspool of crap”

This all just reinforces my original thought here. “EVERYONE has a story” That gym newbie? Yeah maybe he/she COULDN” T get to the gym because he/she was recovering from a sickness last year or the death of a loved one, who knows? The point is this…………..STOP JUDGING PEOPLE AND START HELPING THEM……FOR FREE EVEN   **GASP**

ü  Today’s final thought for the week……Overthinking anything will destroy me…. period.


OK my rant is over. Have a fabulous weekend friendsdecent-person

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