This is where I leave you…

As 2016 closes, it’s important to declare that I’m leaving behind the following with it!


Overthinking…..EVERY little detail of my weight loss journey.

Fear…………worrying about every little detail of exercise, food blah blah blah

Lack of Trust……I’ll be leaving behind NOT fully trusting God or my program or my surgeon, this is so stupid when I really stop to think about it

Rules……setting up these imaginary “rules” that NOONE is imposing on me rather it’s what I’m imposing on myself BECAUSE it’s an old pattern I used to lose weight before I was a Bariatric patient

Deception…..not being honest with myself about food, fearing food that I’ve eaten so I don’t log it in MFP or log it somewhere, I’m thinking of keeping a journal separate from MFP because it may just be easier to track certain things, the verdict is still out on this though.

Perfection….I want practical over perfection



In 2017 I want to have a “to do” list and not “resolutions, so I will be a:

A warrior and NOT a worrier

A runner and NOT a couch potato

A Mary and NOT a Martha

A fighter and not a fearer

I want to be a Champion and not Chained.


I will be:

Committed and Unashamed.

Proud of my success and not a Comparer.

A Worshipper of Jesus, running my heart out, actively caring for my home and family as I seek to make Jesus known.


I’m not doing a list of “resolutions” because I’ve done those before and the old me, the overweight version of myself never followed through with those things. This list is more so a list of “to do”, to “work on” throughout the year on a more personal growth level, something I can print off and glance at and take a metal inventory, “how am I doing?”


What are you doing in 2017 for you?



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