Take Your Gym and Shove it?

Yesterday I was confronted by the GM of my gym because I cancelled a “free” health assessment with one of his personal trainers. He wondered why I had. I told him, I’m not interested and went on to explain that something he said during our initial conversation had me thinking, “what are my goals?” See prior to our first conversation we had just nicely moved here, I was struggling to find a routine and feeling somewhat burned out on my workout, well I made the mistake of telling him this…..to which he went into great detail about these group training sessions they offer, with a personal trainer, well they wouldn’t work for me for 2 reasons: 1) the times offered and 2) the additional money required to get involved, but beyond his insistence I get involved with these group training sessions, although he assured me he wasn’t trying to sell me anything, yeah right, He said, “well at least take advantage of the free health assessment that comes as a part of your membership, I’ll pair you with a trainer I think will be a good fit to you and she’ll test your strength, endurance, core etc.” So I agreed and left.

BUT the more I got thinking about it, it just ate away at me and I didn’t have a good feeling about it for a lot of reasons, but primarily because I ALWAYS sabotage myself, by jumping ship early and abandoning what I’ve known to work for the next thing, PLUS I do NOT like working with female professionals, in any capacity whether it be a doctor, dentist or personal trainer. So NO I didn’t want to go out of my way to come in and meet with a female personal trainer. That’s just me. AND his big selling point is “Our gym puts the personal in personal training” again YEAH RIGHT, but I’ll get there in a minute…..

So I called an cancelled with someone over the phone and went about my business, that is until yesterday…..

GM, Eric, came up to me just before I was about to do my cardio and began with “what happened?” I said “I cancelled”

I’m just not interested in meeting with your trainer, I don’t have the money, I am not interested in the group training and I want to just continue doing what I’m doing. I’ll spare you the proceeding 30 minutes of sales dialogue about how he has 15 years’ experience plus played college football for Texas Southern and how his functional training is WAY better than lifting heavy weights. Guess what I DON” T CARE!!! I know what I like and that is what keeps me motivated to go to the gym!!!

Soooooo today after my workout I’m going over to another gym to “look” around and see if it might be a better “fit”, it’s double the cost so that’s not great, but at my current gym I met a kid who is a completive bodybuilder in this area and he told me about two “hard core” gyms in the area, this being one of them, it looks more like a 24 hour fitness to me, but we’ll see. I just want to go, lift weights, do my cardio, stretch and NOT BE BOTHERED!!!!!! Is that to much to ask? I figure, the gym is the second place, outside of my home that I spend the MOST time so I need to not feel harassed and I need to feel comfortable in my environment and in my current situation I DO NOT!!!! So we’ll see by the end of the weekend I may be telling Charter Fitness to take their gym and shove it or I may just have to suck it up, I don’t know yet, but the story continues…..

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