Get A Grip!!!

This morning I was hit square between the eyes with the realization that I’m probably burning too many calories in the gym for the amount of calories I’m taking in. You see, I had decided to only start weighing in on Wednesdays and call them my “weigh in Wednesdays” well the verdict is still out on this because for the last month of so my life has been nuts and I’ve only been able to weigh “on the go” which has been interesting because I’ve had to rely more strongly on going on how my body “feels” verses what the number on the scale reads, so that’s been neat and a first for me. But just because I’ve made progress in this area, doesn’t mean I’ve made progress in the area of past behaviors of over exercise. See after the sleeve surgery and the scale came to a screeching halt, I starting doing 2 sessions of cardio a day. I was quickly developing overuse injuries trying to control the scale. Well I’m finding myself falling back into this old pattern, but thankfully I’m catching it much early this time and even confessing it to you now J When I start thinking I somehow know better than the professionals that’s when my wagon goes off the track and here I am thinking what I’m doing in the gym will somehow “be the better” way than what my program suggests

Gosh I can be an idiot sometimes!!!!

What am I talking about even?

The scale is up and I haven’t really lost in a week, plus I’m once again injuring and reinjuring myself with the level of cardio I’m doing DAILY like an idiot, so stupid!!!


This is me waving my white flag and saying, “OK God I hear you”

God has been dealing with me in the area of pride lately **different blog for another day**

And what I can tell you is that what I’ve been doing in the gym for the last week has been prideful on my behalf and it ends TODAY!!!!

No more over exercising, yes it will be hard to only be in the gym for 50 mins (weights and cardio) with 5-10 to stretch

But it’s time to humble myself in this area, trust my surgeon’s program and realize that I do NOT know everything there is to know about this crazy fascinating journey I’m on.

In an effort to see the positives while dealing with the negatives though I’m going to list a few of the things I’m thankful for now

  1. That I can finally eat food without feeling nauseous and need to take Zofran
  2. I can once again easily cross my legs while sitting
  3. I feel cute and skinny
  4. Clothes are starting to fit again!
  5. I’m enjoying this ride more than the sleeve because it makes absolutely NO sense (which means I can’t figure it out and I can only just go along for the ride)

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