This morning I’m weighing in at 216, when I started the revision process, I was 249 on 4/18/16, so weighing in at 216, puts me down roughly 33 lbs in 8 weeks, that’s a total weekly loss of roughly 4 pounds a week, I AM THRILLED!!!! Even my BP is responding and I’m getting to where I don’t need a ½ of BP pill in the morning, this excites me to no end, I can’t even begin to tell you. This whole journey has been mind blowing and something I’m extremely grateful for is that my surgeon and his program have NEVER focused on weight loss. Instead they focus on making sure I hit protein goals, vitamin goals and am active 30 mins a day. This is a complete and utter departure from the craptastic Missouri surgeon and her program!!! And it’s something I’m eternally grateful for BECAUSE I find myself embracing this new process completely differently than my sleeve. With my sleeve I was CONSTANTLY focused on a NUMBER, weighing ALL the time and worrying if the scale went up a few ounces, BUT this time, I’m completely confident in not only my surgeon, who wholeheartedly believes that I’ll get to between 155-165, although anything under 190 is considered a success but this whole process. I’m suddenly no longer focused on a number, I think this is primarily because with my sleeve my surgeon said that tool would only get me to 222 and I constantly felt like I had to push myself to get lower. Instead of really listening to her and realizing that her surgical ability wouldn’t take me any lower than 222, I was determined to get there and sure I hit my lowest of 206, but that was as far as that botched sleeve could take me. I mean come on, a real vertical sleeve gastrectomy should remove upwards of 85% of the stomach and in fact, my new surgeon said had he done my sleeve I would have gotten under 200 no problem. But hindsight is 20/20 and at the time in 2014, my eyes hadn’t been opened and I moved forward with that crappy surgeon. Now that I have not only a skilled, highly experienced surgeon, but he has an impeccable program (minus his dietician, whom I’m not impressed with) I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’ll get under 200 and get off as many BP meds that I’ve had to be one due to my obesity. My exercise intensity has decreased as well, which I think is just another HUGE advantage. Now I move and am active because I ENJOY it, not because I feel like I’m chasing some unattainable scale number. This is a complete mind warp for sure, I feel like I can breathe for the first time since 2014. No more stress, no more chasing, just complete rest and with this new mindset comes a lot of freedom. So far this rny experience has been completely amazing, minus the severe constipation. I’m just over here enjoying the ride and not stressing about some number!!IMG_3909

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