Beauty from Ashes: 1 Month Post Op

Wednesday was my one-month post op appointment and it went really well. I saw the male PA for the first time. Up until this point, I’ve only seen either the surgeon or the female PA. Apart from being very easy on the eye, he FINALLY gave me some nutrition advice that their worthless dietician just couldn’t seem to put together for me. His recommendations were to stay over 60g of protein a day (use supplements until I can be getting that amount via food), less than 60g of carbs a day and we really didn’t talk about fat, so I’ll keep that low. He said when I hit maintenance around 6-9months out, probably more like 9 to 12 for me, I’ll be at 1200 calories with the same macronutrient breakdown.  He said that I will need to continue to focus on fluid intake and that goal is 64oz a day, I easily get that and more now. I have to in order to keep constipation at bay. But then he told me something that completely blew my mind, only eat THREE times a day, that there is new research that suggests the old way to eat to “tweak” your metabolism, the eat every 3 hours’ business is “old school” that there’s new research coming out to suggest that metabolism and eating every 3 hours have nothing to do with each other. He said that the “eating every 3 hours” only teaches people to graze and I have to say I COMPLETELY agree with that. I have to say that this old way that I religiously clung to in 2014 only taught me the bad habit of grazing, which was reinforced by eating every 3 hours, I had to set alarms in my phone to tell me when to eat, but I also would graze throughout the day because I was continually hungry, something I later learned is that acid as in reflux will only make hunger worse.  The PA said that by developing muscle you burn more calories at rest thus increasing my BMR or resting metabolism, which of course I know this from the last 3 years of self-study.

Anyway, I talked to him extensively about HOW to lift weights since I’m coming off of the mentality you lift heavy. He assured me there will be a time when I can resume lifting heavy, something I enjoy, but for now, light weight, high reps should be more my focus. His reasoning is that I don’t want to add bulk, rather tone and I’m actually really good with that. I want to meet my weight loss goals FIRST before worrying about adding much muscle, that will be a year or more from now more than likely. Then he asked how tall I am, because remember I’ve never met with him before. So he was trying to get a feel for who I am etc. I told him 5’7 and we somehow got talking about a goal weight for me. He said, “I think you’ll look lean at 175”. I said, “Is that the goal weight you’d give me?” He said, “yes” which kind of blew my mind because my surgeon said he expects that I’ll get to between 155-165, but I’ll be honest since I’ve revised my surgery types the power that weight numbers and the scale once held just no longer do.

Do I still weigh weekly?

Yes, but I’ve decided once I get to 190, I plan to only weight maybe twice a month with the goal being to  only weigh monthly once I hit goal

Post sleeve I was obsessed with numbers, mostly because I had a small window when the weight was melting off of me, like 3 months, then BAM hit a wall and any loss after that I struggled for.

So this new journey has been a total mind mess for me. I am slowly realizing this RNY journey is NOTHNG like the sleeve journey was for me. The only similarities are diet, which is high protein, low carb, low fat. Other than that NOTHING similar at all. I am just blown away at how supportive my team through my surgeon’s office is!! I am blown away that my surgeon has an exercise physiologist!! This program is hands down above and beyond the program I used in Missouri for the sleeve. This is probably why I’m so excited, hopeful and less stressed this time around……I’ll take it!!!IMG_5828 (1)

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