Who’s Representing You?


So I was going to type today’s blog post about the stupid “duck lip” debacle on my Facebook yesterday, but instead I’m going to take the higher road and write about something else!!

This life is temporary and the matters of this life that represent un-Christ-like behavior or attitudes are just no longer my concern. It’s not my place to get justice or mercy. People who don’t know me will make assumptions that are inaccurate and it’s not my job to defend myself any longer and I just won’t anymore.

Will it be hard?

Absolutely!!! as this has been a pattern for me in life, to try to defend the cause of those wronged, but it’s not my place.

It’s Jesus’ place.

And while I had myself in a tailspin from this obscure cousin’s nasty remarks about a stupid post about women having a duck lips, I lost sight of what’s really important which is to know who I belong to and that’s Jesus.

I can’t dabble in the darkness and somehow walk in the Light.

That doesn’t work and I had lost sight of that. You see, I’m dying spiritually here in SE Ohio. I just don’t do well not going to church on a regular basis, being surrounded by fellow Believers and I most definitely DO NOT do well with no plan for forward movement.

So this has been my current state……feeling spiritually distance from God, then you throw on that lighter fluid, which in this case was this situation with my cousin yesterday and BAM, now you have something of such little value to the Kingdom reeking massive havoc on a child of the King!!!!

Not cool


But then…..

We went to church today.

I made Jeff drive an hour to visit this church because we just aren’t finding ANYTHING near where we live. He was reluctant at first, but thankfully I’m married to a man who cares about my spiritual needs. So we drove up there and OMG I am beyond thankful!!!!

God got my attention……again!!!!

Today the pastor preached out of Romans 5: 12

Let me share it with you…..

Romans 5:14 “Nevertheless, death reigned from the time of Adam to the time of Moses, even over those who did not sin by breaking the command, as did Adam, who is a pattern of the one to come” WHAT does this mean?

Here’s what it means…..

You all know the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden right? God gave them ONE command….ONE, do not eat from the Tree of Knowledge. They could eat from anywhere else in the Garden of Eden. They could eat mangos, pineapples, cherries, you name it, they just could not eat an apple from the Tree of Life. But Adam did and BAM sin immediately entered the world because He broke the one request God had made of them, now suddenly SIN and DEATH are present in life…..

now stop and think about this…..aren’t we all like this in some way?

I know I am, if someone tells me I can’t do this or that, I question it and then sometimes manipulate the situation to get my way, It’s in my nature….my heart….it’s SIN, it’s what this Scripture talks about. Even though I wasn’t in the Garden that day and I didn’t eat that fruit, the above verse specifically says, “even over those who did not sin by breaking the command” but in the depths of my soul, I can feel the weight of sin……can you?

It’s in every temptation to sin, I feel it. Whether this world says, it’s “justified anger” it’s still anger. Whether this world says, “oh just go overeat at Golden Corral, you can start back on the horse tomorrow” it’s still gluttony…. it’s all sin. And what is sin ultimately?  DEATH, being completely cut off from God….completely cut off….let that sink in.

 BUT thankfully because there is a just and merciful God, He decided to make a path so that you and I could not only talk to Him, but walk alongside of Him. We could LIVE with Him once we die!!!

He sent His one and only PERFECT, SINLESS Son, to die in our place. You see SIN can NOT stand in the presence of a Holy, Just God, it just can’t. So Jesus came into the picture to stand in your place instead of you. So that you could stand in the presence of a Just and Holy God. This provides a way once you die, but this also provides a way to REIGN In this life….what do I mean by this?

Once you grasp the knowledge of what I’m saying, ANYTHING that causes you pain in this life is simply just temporary. Whether it’s injustice, physical pain, depression, heartbreak…..it’s all temporary. When you REIGN in this life, there is NO Condemnation. Jesus wants to bring you from death to life.


So the question I leave you with today is this: Who Represents you? Adam or Jesus?

8 thoughts on “Who’s Representing You?

  1. Angie, I know I got upset with you a while back. You had every right to block me from Instagram and FB. I have learned this life is too short to be petty (meaning me)… I’m sorry I offended you that day, and I pray you can add me back on FB. I’ve been a follower of your journey from day one practically…. I pray for you and cherish what we once had – Larisa


      1. Oh really? I didn’t realize … I will request to be your friend then … I truly am sorry for upsetting you. Your blog has really been speaking to me …. Thank you for your unwavering faith


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