FOCUS: Welcome Back

Today was my first day back in the gym and WOW I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I missed my “me” time where I put my earphones in and tune out the world, work up a sweat and just feel generally happy. I counted and I’ve been out of the gym for 17 days and while that may not seem like a long time to someone who doesn’t go regularly, for me this has felt like an eternity. BUT I needed that break because just prior to my surgery I had lost my edge, my drive. I had lost interest. I had hit my wall after 2 ½ years of 6 days a week workouts, even 7 days some weeks. So this break was MUCH needed and I’m thankful for that time to reflect and basically go nuts in my house waiting to get back into the gym.

Today I only did cardio and keep my heart rate between 120-130 for 45 mins, yes it was extremely difficult to reign in my old self that would have jacked my heart rate up to 150-160, but I’m glad I didn’t overdo it. I’m still healing and I want to be mindful of that. So in 45 mins at that heart rate I burned, according to my garmin 830 calories, we’ll see how that affects the scale, I’m praying it doesn’t, but I’m anticipating a slow down or even stall in the next week or two as I’ve lost 20lbs so far and this Wednesday will just be 2 weeks since I’ve been discharged from the hospital.


BUT my gym time today helped me etch out some goals for myself over the next few months.

IMG_4964 (1)

I’ve decided:

All my carbs will come from vegetable or nut sources. I was shocked yesterday at a booklet I was given in a bariatric class for my program, in my “soft” phase it said I could have ¼ c bean soup with 3-4 saltines….nuts!! I talked to my dietician on the phone yesterday and told her this and she seemed shocked as well. She said to focus on protein and not to worry about calories. So my first priority in the day is to get a minimum of 70g of protein in a day, with less than 30g of carbs and 7g of sugar…..this I can do!!


I’ve also decided that once I am released to lift weights, I will do high reps with LIGHT weight, I won’t modify this until I’m 3-6 months’ post op because I figure at that time I’ll need to re-evaluate my goals anyway.


I would still like to run a 5K sometime this year, but I won’t start training until I’m back into the low 200s as it’s just to hard on my old body. I’m currently sitting at 228.


I will get a minimum of 64oz of water in daily.


So for today I would say my gym time was productive. I got a good calorie burn in, worked up a sweat and figured out what I want the next couple months to look like for me exercise-wise. I needed that “me” time to focus and welcome myself back into something I’ve always have loved doing…. working out!!














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