The Big Question is……When?

I am FINALLY out of the 230s and into

the 220s….wow that was a long walk around the mountain!!

Since surgery on 4/18/16, I am officially down 20 pounds and this excites me to no end. Today I weighed in at 228 and I haven’t been this weight since May 30, 2015 when we were in the middle of moving to Texas. I finally feel like I’m gaining back all the ground that was lost in our chaotic move to Houston and then onto Ohio…..FINALLY!!

But this new journey has left me questioning EVERYTHING, like

Should I advance my diet, will the weight loss stop?

What if I don’t start feeling full with this revision? Am I broken?

And the biggest question that has me plagued is “When or IF I should start weight lifting again? Will it impede my weight loss?

At this point I’m officially 72lbs from 157, my ultimate goal weight. I am trying really hard not to get caught up in what happened with my sleeve once I started weight lighting. The weight loss basically slowed to a dull crawl, BUT I was losing insane inches and dropping clothes sizes like crazy. I just remember sitting at 230 and fitting into a size 12….TWELVE, that’s just nuts!! I have no idea if I could fit into my 12s today and I’ll be honest it scares me to even try and I’m lighter than I was when I first fit into them, BUT I haven’t touched a weight in about 3 weeks and even then I wasn’t lifting very heavy. So I’ve been trying to decide when I’ll resume lifting weights and I’ll be honest the verdict is still out. I love being in the gym even though I went through a long period just before surgery of being incredibly burned out. I’m now feeling a little stir crazy with only doing cardio. However, I love how quickly I’m losing weight so I’m torn. I don’t know if once I start lifting weights the weight loss will slow or end, I don’t know? Am I willing to find out? I think I am. So the conclusion I’ve come to today is this I’m going to wait until I’m either 3 or 6 months’ post op. I believe I’ll see my surgeon at my 3-month checkup, but it may be 6 months. This will give me some more time to lose weight successfully. The reality is this. I prefer how I look when I lift weights. I’d rather look firm and tight than skinny and flabby. I’d rather wear a size 12 at 230, than a size 14 at 180. Is this asking for too much? Possibly but why can’t I have it all? Get under 200lbs, have muscle AND be off BP meds? I don’t think that’s asking for too much or at least I hope it’s not.


Current Goals

Focus on getting in 70g of protein a day

Focus on getting in a minimum 64oz fluids

Try to lose another 20 lbs in the next month to month and a half, although this may be deterred once I hit a stall, which is inevitable on this crazy WLS journey.

Walking atleast 30 mins a day on the trail or in the gym


Future Goals

Get back in the gym!!

Picture  Below  (On the right, I weigh 210, on the left I’m pushing my highest weight of 315)




IMG_5052 (1)

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