Deciding to Stay Focused

One of the big reasons I chose to go with the RNY vs the DS, besides the fact that my surgeon recommended it, was the fact that I would feel some restriction with the RNY. I mean how could I not with having a stomach pouch the size of an egg or 2-4 ounces, right?  So you can imagine how frightening it has been this week while I’m on liquids to feel NO “full” signal. NONE. Now I’ve heard various thoughts on this subject from other people, NOT my doctor. Anyway, what others have said is that you won’t feel full until you get to the next phase and you’re eating more regular type food. Others have said that the liquids just go right through the stoma and you won’t feel full. Now I have no idea if any of this is true. I know that my bariatric nurse has said people will report symptoms of full as a heavy feeling in their chest or hiccups. The ONLY time I experiences a chest heavy feeling was the day after my surgery and I ate jello to fast. After experiencing this sensation, it was awful btw, I decided I would stop eating before I reached that place again and it works because I’m NOT hungry at all!! So I’m trying to cherish this place because I know it won’t last forever. BUT today I made the biggest mistake of my adult life. I asked in a bariatric group on Facebook if this is normal to not have a full sensation on liquids and a couple of women said, they never had that feeling and so what has that done? It’s freaked my brain out. Then I remembered I was going to leave all these FB groups and NOT ask questions in these groups, because my plan all along has been to follow my surgeon’s plan to a T and NOT compare my journey to anyone else’s and here I am comparing myself….NOT GOOD ANGIE. Then a friend reminded me of this, and I’m so thankful that this friend reminded me of my commitment I had made prior to having this revision surgery. So as hard as it has been, I’ve left these 2 gastric bypass groups, which is like pulling the training wheels off the bike and I’m fully committing to embracing this journey ON MY OWN

So here’s to moving forward with no training wheels and NOT looking at anyone else’s journey but doing this on my own, by the grace of God.

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