Enjoy the Process

This journey into the Gastric Bypass  life is SOOOOO drastically different than my sleeve 2 ½ years ago. For starters I have NO appetite….NONE!!!

Instead I just have to force myself to drink my protein shake, otherwise, I could just go all day without eating anything. But I am trying to meet my program’s requirements of 70g of protein a day and 64 oz of fluids a day. Thankfully, things like my shake and light yogurt count toward my fluid intake or else I would be in trouble!!

As far as the no hunger thing, this is just really tripping me out. I seriously haven’t felt an ounce of hunger since waking up from surgery. It’s oddly cool and what I expected to happen after the sleeve surgery, but it didn’t So I’m just really enjoying this part of the journey. Now my surgeon said I may not have any hunger sensations for up to a year, maybe even longer. I’m curious to see once I start working out IF my hunger will increase because right now I’m just walking about 15-30 mins a day, so very minimal.


As far as my new pouch and hunger, everyone says I’ll get this “full” feeling and possibly even hiccups. The only time I think I got a full sensation was in the hospital, I drank unjury protein powder and ate 3 bites of high protein gelatin and I got this heavy feeling on my chest that felt like an elephant was sitting there. I didn’t like it, so now I’m trying to stop before I get to that point. But again this is weird because I could go ALL day without eating or drinking anything, of course I won’t for fear of dehydration, but I’m just saying.
So day of surgery, I weighed 248.9 on the surgeon’s scale and 245.6 on my scale. Something I didn’t do during my last journey was enjoy every pound that I dropped, instead I was so hyper focused on getting under 200 pounds that I didn’t enjoy the journey to get there. Plus my sleeve surgeon said I’d only every get to 222 and I was determined to prove her wrong. The lowest I go with that botched sleeve was 206 and I’m convinced it was due to lifestyle changes in diet and exercise that got me there!!

So this time, I’m determined to follow my surgeon’s plan because he’s given me a goal that I’m comfortable with But I’ve also decided to cherish every ounce I drop in weight from this day forward. I’m doing to enjoy the 230s, 220s etc. Sure I feel like I look my best in the low 200s, but I’m going to start enjoying myself along every milestone during this journey. Because for the first time EVER, I trust my surgeon and his staff and when I saw him upon discharge and asked him again “will I really get under 200” (mostly because I tend to be skeptical) He said, “Angie if you follow the rules you will easily get to 155, I have no doubt!”  Now granted it’s probably going to take over a year to get there because he says I’ll lose slower since I’m a revision, but I’m completely fine with that! So since I plan to get to at least 157 and maintain there, I’ve decided I’m going to enjoy the process this time.IMG_8961

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