It feels like this week is flying by, maybe because I have two trips to Dayton this week (2 ½ hours away) or maybe it’s because my life is about to become radically different on Monday. Either way, life feels like it chugging along at super speed and yet I just don’t feel prepared. Is this normal? I took the bariatric class that’s required prior to surgery, that was yesterday, and it was informative, but in the class it was brought to my attention that I may not be able to use a cream I need for my neuropathy pain because it has an NSAID in it. This threw me for a loop. So today I’m scrambling to find out the answer to my question, will I be able to use this cream after bypass? I’ve used this cream in lieu of taking a medication like gabapentin as this medicine has caused weight gain in me in the past. ARGH  I’m trying not to stress this morning, but I’m kinda freaking out with all the what ifs

What if I can’t do bypass because of this cream? Then what? Will he at that point recommend the DS?

I guess time will tell and I’ll find out all the answers tomorrow….but if you’ve followed me on here at all, you know that I worry and stress and don’t do well with waiting. Please pray for me as my biggest fear feels like it’s just on the horizon and that is that this surgery may not happen?

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