The Purge has Begun

Well the purge has begun. I wasn’t given a pre-op diet for this upcoming surgery, which now looking back at my crazy sleeve experience, I guess I’m going to embrace with open arms. This whole process is so radically different than my journey 2 years ago into the bariatric world. Now most people I’ve spoken to on Facebook bypass boards have said, “enjoy it because afterward you’ll be very restricted” And I’ve thought about it, going hog wild and eating whatever the heck I want whenever I want it, but I just can’t wrap my mind around this thought, even though I know they are correct. After all, the new stomach (pouch) that I’ll be given will be the size of your thumb, initially. Regardless though I don’t want to eat myself into a sugar coma before this surgery.  Plus, I remember when I started on this bariatric road 2 years ago, thinking to myself “why did you wait until you were 300 lbs? Why didn’t you pursue this at 240, 250?” I’ve eaten enough off the wagon that I’m pushing 247 and that’s as high as I want to go!! I’m thankful that I’m not waiting until  I was pushing 300lbs again!

Once I made the decision to move forward with the bypass, I made a commitment to myself that this week leading up to surgery I would et clean, meaning no crap foods like donuts, chips, sugary things that I know I won’t be able to have after this surgery. Because if I’m going to embrace this new life, which doesn’t include those things, I need to attack this surgery just like I did my botched sleeve surgery 2 years ago. I will look at this experience as the springboard to my new healthier life. In so doing, I need to stop dieting (after this week of course), stop eating the crap food (of course they taste incredible and this week will be hell) and start listening to the professionals I’ve placed my trust in.

So this week, I’ll be back on my structured, high protein, low carb, low sugar eating plan from when we lived in Rolla, in anticipation for surgery on Monday.

I plan to still lift weights this week and do cardio, BUT I’m decreasing my cardio by 30 mins and only doing 30 mins total, this is different than the hour I was doing before. I’m doing this for 2 reasons

1.       Because this amount of cardio is what I will adopt after surgery, per my program’s exercise physiologist

2.       It breaks my old habit of intense, insane amount of cardio


So the purge has begun this week, no more high sugar foods, goodbye. No more crazy insane workouts in the gym. This week I’m going to focus on enjoying my gym time, getting in plenty of water and trying not to stress to much about having surgery in a week.

Slowly I’m making changes to this intense beast you all have known as Angie. I will succeed at this surgery. I’ve got to because I will NOT be revising from this point again!!

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