Walk On

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least.

It started out in its usual way, nothing spectacular. I ate breakfast, took my kids to school, then went to the gym. BUT it was gorgeous outside, sun shining, warm, about 70, just perfect and I was having the HARDEST time focusing on being in the gym. Which this was so weird to me because if you’ve followed me at all, you know that I’ve been almost religious about my workouts. I believe this comes after years of being sick and unable to get out of bed. I’m just so thankful to be alive that I want to jam pack as much as I can into one day and I feel the most alive in the gym!

That is, until yesterday.

I’ll be honest, this threw me a little bit, being a creature of habit and all. Sure I could have stayed and forced it, but I didn’t.

In fact, I texted my husband at one point and said, “wow I just don’t feel like being here today” to which he responded “so just come home and take a rest day” and I thought, “yeah know I could totally do that!” So I finished my set of leg curls and left, but I didn’t want to just go home and be a bump on a log, I knew I wouldn’t take a rest day, because come on, it’s me…..haha

So I got to thinking, I will walk. I know there is a long walking/biking trail in this town and I’m going to find it and walk it.

Now this is a HUGE idea for me, let alone something that I would actually set out to do. Ever since my stroke in 2009 I’ve been terrified of doing anything alone. I don’t like being by myself. I guess I have this fear of “what if something happens and no one finds me” it’s a much bigger story than I can share today but maybe someday I’ll share it. Anyway, just know this was a new undertaking for me, to adventure outside of the gym, but to do so alone….  was HUGE

So I got home, called the sheriff to find out some details about the trail, grabbed one of my mother-in-law’s dogs and had Jeff drop me off at the one end of the trail.

To give you an idea. I can walk on the treadmill, on a 15 incline at a pace between 3.9-4.1 for an hour and I walk about 4 miles

Ok so this trail yesterday was 3 miles one way on asphalt, no real incline, but against wind most of the way. No clue my pace, my app told me I was walking about a 17 min mile and I know I was slow because I was gabbing on the phone with my mom as I walked ….haha

So I walked to my kid’s school and home and this round trip was 6.06 miles and let me tell you….DEAD…..wow, I’m not sure why walking outside not on an incline would be that much more of a workout, but it really was and it struck me that I LOVED the challenge of it. LOVED IT!!!!

Maybe I’m just burning out on the gym, I don’t know, but I absolutely loved being outside yesterday, so I think as it stands right now the lesson I learned yesterday if that it’s ok to not be so “up tight” about where I work out as long as I get some activity in for the day!! I also realized that any grandiose ideas of me ever being a runner died yesterday. God gently reminded me of how I basically walked all over Europe as a young adult and was in the best shape of my life!! And then He showed me yesterday that He allowed me to keep the ability to walk following some major health crisis, so I’m going to embrace being a walker from now on and walk my heart out…. walk my way into health!!


As it stands right now, my total walking mileage thus far for the week is: 14 and my goal was to accomplish 24 by Saturday, if I keep it up and continue to walk 4 miles today, tomorrow and Saturday I’ll get in a total of 26 miles this week….not to shabby for an ole girl J

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