We’ve all heard it before….

Weight loss is 80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise

I’ve heard this statement for years and years and years truth be told but I NEVER fully understood it until 2014 and then again this week.

You see when I was tipping the scales at 315 I knew that my days of living a semi-healthy life were limited. I even say “healthy” tongue in cheek, because who is really health weighing that much?

I ate fast food.

I ate tons of sugar.

Drank soda.

Chips, cookies……. crap

And I weighed THREE HUNDRED and FIFTEEN POUNDS…..my body was the outward reflection of what I was putting into my mouth.

Sure I went to the gym. I would work up a minimum sweat and call it a day. I didn’t even think of lifting weights because well I didn’t know what I was doing, but I also felt insecure. So I stuck to cardio and continued to eat my crap!

I’m not even sure what clicked for me, I’m sure there were lots of factors, but primarily I was scared to death of developing diabetes and I knew I was headed on that road since I had already been diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is such a tricky thing.

It literally wreaks havoc on your body!!

I would go months without having a period and then when I  would let’s just say I would  have preferred to just die. The pain was unbearable, not to mention the bleeding was monstrous!! I knew that since I already had this going on that IF I continued to gain weight I would just add another condition on top of another condition and on and on and let’s face it, I have had enough sickness to last a lifetime.

So, for me, bariatric surgery was the route I chose to go and I will stand by my decision until the end. BUT I will say a few things here about this.

Bariatric surgery helped melt off the first 60 pounds and since those pounds, I’VE had to figure out how to eat and exercise for me.

You would think that as part of the surgery process, someone, anyone would give you a basic meal structure, but nope

I was basically told….

Eat protein first

Make sure to get your 64oz of water in

Stay under 1200 calories your first year

That’s it!!


Thankfully, God placed people in my path to guide me along the way, whether through free advice or paid advice and I THANK HIM for these people because without their knowledge I have no doubt I’d be back up into the 280s at least!!


Trust me, I’ve tried the shortcuts since surgery.

  • Just do 4 shakes a day and one high protein meal at night….this crashed and burned with a POINT TWO pound weight loss in a MONTH!!!
  • Here recently I even tried carb cycling and I actually GAINED weight!!!!! Why? Because it allowed for all sorts of crazy “dirty carbs” as cheat foods and let me tell you….I LOVE my dirty carbs, shoot what person doesn’t? We all have them? Mine are chocolate, store bought cookies, ice cream, chips, pretzels…..dirty carbs

So I thought carb cycling would be the golden ticket because I could eat on Chris Powell’s weekly plan and then indulge in crap on the weekend……


Frustrated with the scale creeping back up, I decided on 2/15/16 (so Monday of this week) to go back to a plan I used in Rolla, Missouri that I lost well over 50lbs on and it took me easily to my 100lb weight loss.

I’ll be honest, I was scared it may not work. I was worried that it wouldn’t work twice

Boy am I glad it did!!!

As of this morning, I’m down a total of SIX POINT FOUR POUNDS!!!!!!! Wait what?!!?!?!?! Yes you read that correctly…..SIX and almost a half pounds in five days. That means I’ve lost on average 1.28lbs a day. Now what’s the magic bullet you may be wondering?

Super simply


Here’s the Formula

Eat REAL food, cut ALL the crap out of your diet, and remove the sugar, fast food, soda….crap

Drink 1 gallon of water a day

Eat 5 meals a day with your first being within the first 30 mins of waking up.

Then get your butt to the gym and SWEAT….ideally if you could hire a trainer to teach you how to lift weights this would be the best idea. Then get yourself on a good weightlifting rotation and lift HEAVY weights!!

Then when you’re done doing weights, get your butt on a piece of cardio equipment for 60 minutes or in a class where you’ll get your heart rate up and break a sweat



You’ll start to see your body change, but you must be patient, diligent in eating your 5 meals (I set alarms on my phone), and getting your water in.

The question then becomes…..
How bad do you want it?


For me, this is all that I want!
I want to achieve my weight loss goals SO THAT

I will be healthy

I will have increased energy to enjoy life with my family

I will feel healthy and strong

But most of all

I want people to see Jesus in me in the midst of this crazy, awesome, hard journey I’ve been on.

Eat real food!!

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