Bye Felicia

I forget how everyone is an expert on social media.

An expert on:

Parenting issues

Life issues




You name it, everyone is an expert and so ready to throw their two cents in on one of my statues! It never fails, so it really shouldn’t surprise or offend me really…..

I completely forget until it bites me in the butt, but I quickly remembered as it bit yesterday and then again today.

Here’s what I mean….

Yesterday I posted something about feeling trapped in the house because of a snow/ice day, my kids were home and I couldn’t get out of the house to the gym. Now I realize most people think the gym is a luxury, heck most people are too lazy to really commit to any form of active lifestyle, so my meandering of going to the gym probably in and of itself just rubs them the wrong way to begin with…..I get it. BUT what you DO NOT get is that the gym is quite literally my therapy… physical therapy, occupational therapy…..literally. And yes I get that most people don’t understand this, you don’t need to, you just need to hear me say this….so hear me.

It keeps my muscles and joints from stiffening up, something I fight against EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. And when this happens, my muscles and joints stiffening up, I would rather just curl up in a ball and sleep my life away. Because stiff joints/muscles typically lead me to a rotten debilitating tension migraine. Sooooo the gym for me not only equals physical therapy, but it also means my kids have a mom who interacts with them on a daily basis and a husband who has a wife.

Did you know that?

Probably not,

Because 99.9% don’t know me in real life or if you do could care less to interact with me on a personal level.

Another aspect the gym does for me, is it keeps me migraine free…..yes migraine free.

Something my migraine doctor told me in 2012, back when I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle, eating sugar like it was water and living on pain meds, pretty much checked out of life at this point. I had been through hell on so many levels and was hoping this doctor could help me, but wasn’t really prepared for what he expected from me. I just remember, among other things, him telling me that my biggest friend would be to find a routine with my sleep and activities. That this would help me greatly. Of course, I wouldn’t understand what any of this meant until 2014 when I had bariatric surgery, but little did I know that the motivation for me to have that surgery and radically change my life would impact my migraines in such a way. When I had my surgery there was one full night where I was literally awake a full 24 hours and call me crazy but that did something to me internally because ever since that night in the hospital I now only need 7 hours of sleep at night and I wake up promptly at 4:40am every morning and am sleeping in bed by 8pm the night before. This is a major testament to God, but also to the beauty of routine for me. I have found in this 2 year journey that IF I can manage 7 hours of sleep, no more and nor less, followed by physical activity at the gym, my migraines are cut down to almost none. Which for me, a girl who lived on meds, drugged out and basically checked out of life 100% of the time is a BIG win. SO please don’t get on my Facebook all self-righteous thinking you are being helpful when I’m complaining about not being able to go to the gym and saying things like “but your kids are healthy enjoy them”  blah blah blah…..the gym for me is NOT a vanity thing….the gym for me is medication and keeps me able to connect to my children as their mother. So please unless you are an actual friend, which these two ladies really aren’t, just don’t post ANYTHING and if you just can’tseem to help yourself from making some form of a comment, which you may think is helpful, but I can assure you is NOT, then just remove yourself from my Facebook, it can really be that simple!!

As for the comment on today’s Facebook about connecting with my kids due to their snow day…….a few thoughts on that

First, yes I was complaining about being trapped at home again without getting out to the gym, see above paragraph as to why. First of all, my kids attend a private Christian school where when they come home at night, they have no joke, TWO hours’ worth of homework, EVERY night….EVERY night….this is not an exaggeration So if on a random snow day my daughter chooses to spend the day texting her Missouri homeschool friends, then I’m going to allow it. She’s worked hard all week. Or if my son chooses to play Xbox on his snow day, again I’m going to allow it because he’s worked hard all week. None of this makes me a bad mom or means I’m disengaged, maybe to your standards, but you’re not raising my kids, I AM. So when I want parenting advice, I will darn well ask for it and it most certainly will NOT be from obscure people who don’t know me personally in real life.

Harsh? Maybe

But I get tired of feeling constantly picked on via social media and that somehow I lack as a parent based on said comments…..just done with it.

The irony in all of this and which leads me to where I’m at now. Is that neither of these two Facebook statues were directly asking for anyone’s input about my kids or my life. Yet the beauty of social media is that one can directly give his/her opinion without a real relationship with the person they are communicating with. And what someone may think they are communicating is helpful, may actually be harmful, but how would they now that?

because they don’t know the person personally. At least this is how I feel about it.

Today begins the LENT season and I typically don’t participate usually because I miss it.Alsao I’m not catholic, Lutheran  as my husband pointed out, but I like the concept of fasting from something. And thanks to my dear friend she reminded me that today is the start of LENT. So since this year I haven’t missed it yet. I’ve decided at the very least. I’m giving up Facebook. I need to detox my life from Facebook for a while and realize that I value real life relationships more highly. I need to realize that those who cherish me as a person know my phone number and use it. I need to realize that I live in a culture where it’s easy for someone to look into social media and spout off one’s opinion without care of concern for the person they are addressing. I also need to realize that there may or may not be anyone who really cares about my workout regimen or my “check ins” to the gym on Facebook. So for that one of you who actually follows my fitness/health progress here’s brief synopsis.

I lift weights six days a week Monday-Saturday on a Push (aka: shoulders,chest, triceps) PULL (back,biceps), Leg rotation and then it starts over through Saturday until my rest day on Sunday. I plan to do 60 mins of cardio after lifting weights. I typicalyl preplan my cardio out the night before and post what I’ve actually done on my Instagram account angiegettingfit if you are interested in following me there. I will continue to post via Instagram, but will not connect my Instagram to my Facebook during LENT, I will however continue to connect my blog to my Facebook as this how most of my readers find my blog. The only other thing I will be doing on Facebook will be communicating in a group I’m in for a little girl that I work out for named Molly, but besides that, I will remain quiet on Facebook other than stated above for the LENT season.




took me 40 years

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