February’s Flub

Let the record straight and say a few things that I should have said yesterday.


I love my husband…..period.

Yes he can be a big boob at times, but shoot so can I, that’s what happens when you marry another sinner, plain and simple a lot of sin enters the marriage too! That’s why we need Jesus….Every.Single.Day. in our marriage and life really, otherwise, how else can we function?

Anyway, Jeff isn’t perfect, nor would he ever claim to be and yes our current situation is uber stressful and with that stress has come lots of bickering back and forth. I certainly don’t help that cause either as I like to know what’s coming as often as possible, so sure I pick and nag and drive my husband absolutely bonkers. He puts up with a lot from me! Regardless of any of it. I should NOT have aired our dirty laundry on my blog yesterday so to the 13 readers who read it, I am sorry. I was upset and needed a place as an outlet, but a dear friend helped me to see that this was not the healthiest of choices. AND 2016 is about me getting healthy….mind, body and spirit and here I am already flubbing it up in February, so all I can do at this point is say that I am sorry. I love my husband. We aren’t ending our marriage or anything dumb like that over stress, strife or anything of that nature. Again I am sorry.

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