A Bone to Pick….

I’ve got a bone to pick, now I’ll admit, this bone was a little sharper prior to my nap about 20 minutes ago as I’ve felt excessively tired, grouchy and a bit annoyed today. BUT there are TWO things that have been bothering me all day so I decided to get them off my chest…..

It started with a comment, this morning on a Facebook article I shared to MY wall yesterday. This article was put out there by a conservative news outlet. I make no bones about the fact that I’m a Conservative Christian. It’s one of those things that you don’t have to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or even read my blog, this is who I am…..


Back to the article.

The article I shared was about a Somalia Muslim man who has lived in the U.S. for approximately 4 years, anyway, he was arrested for raping and assaulting a woman I think this happened in North Dakota. Now the comment was something like, “what Americans don’t do this to?…..” thus I felt accused of being racist, BUT I shared this article because WHILE he was raping this woman he was chanting Allah Akabuar, which means something to the effect that God is the greatest, some B.S. like that…….THIS is what my outrage was over!!! That this man’s hatred and hate-fill religion would allow him to sadistically assault a woman while chanting the name of his god…this is what pissed me off, NOT that he was from Somalia or that he was an immigrant to the U.S. for that matter, rather someone with radical religious views that could harm an American citizen, so if this causes me to be racist, well then I guess I am!! But the last time I checked I haven’t heard of any sadistic Americas raping a woman while chanting Jesus’ name….maybe that’s because the God I serve doesn’t want His children to be cruel or heinous to others, I don’t know…….So that started my morning at 5am and crap like this just stays in my head all freakin day…..although I feel better now having said my peace and I wish I would have left that article up on my FB because this is what I would have said. I don’t know if that lady will even read this, but if she does now she’ll know why I shared it and can think what she wants…..

Then I get to the gym at about 6:30, which is my normal lifting time and for the last couple of days I’ve seen the same guy in this area. He’s a nice enough guy has said hi, introduced himself etc. No biggie. Well yesterday and today, he literally won’t shut up……….at all

Like won’t stop talking, the entire time I’m in there and today I was the only other person in there….ugh. So picture this…

.I’m in the middle of either putting weights on something or taking them off, I have my earphones IN and when my earphones are in my music is blasting, I can’t hear anyone talking so if you are talking to me I have to stop what I’m doing and turn my music off, it’s super annoying because it breaks my flow.

Typically, a guy will interrupt me once but once he realizes that every time I have to stop, turn off my music to listen it doesn’t happen again. NOT this guy, he either doesn’t’ get it or just doesn’t care, I don’t know which yet? Today, he just kept talking and interrupting and I just kept listening.

Now most people would think, “What’s the big deal Angie, he’s probably lonely and just needs someone to talk to?” Yes I’m sure this is the case, but

  1. I’m married and not interested in being anyone of the opposite sex’s friend or counselor. It’s one thing if you stop and ask me my name and say something nice it’s a completely opposite thing to ramble about how you used to be bigger but you aren’t anymore because you were sick or yeah there “there’s a woman who used to come in here who’s very toned but I don’t think she takes steroids because not to be vulgar she still has her woman parts” NO JOKE these were a couple of the things I had to listen to today but besides that……
  2. I have a very planned out limited time in the weight room, I have to hit my sets just right so that I can beat Gary, the older guy to the stair mill in the morning or else it throws off my eating schedule, yes I’m that anal, but I’m working on goals here and I just have to stay focused. So I’m currently annoyed at this situation and looking for advice on how to deal with this guy? It would appear this is his normal gym time when I’m there…..ugh BUT on the positive side of this situation, it has shown me that I  have the tendency to be a talker in the gym like this guy. In fact, I’ve been guilty of it many times over the last 2 years of lifting and WOW let me just take this opportunity to say, “I am sorry, and it won’t happen again!!” As I now see how annoying it really is………

To be continued…..


So these are the two things that I needed to get off my chest today as they were weighing quite heavily upon it. Like I said a nap did help. It’s amazing what sleep and a little distance can do for me….lol


Well that’s all I’ve got for today, stay tuned to hear more about this gym saga, let’s see how tomorrow goes…..

2 thoughts on “A Bone to Pick….

  1. In some ways, I am the same. I mean I don’t go to a gym, but when I’m walking my mile or two I do not like talking or stopping. If Tim is walking with me, he stays about 2 paces back and walks the dogs. I don’t like even having the dogs by me!!! I’m a freaking dog LOVER!!! But, it’s all good!! I’m glad the nap helped some ☺️👍🏼
    You are an amazing woman of God! Your journey is an inspiration! You are rockin it!!


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