Timeline of my Life

At my Cleveland Clinic appointment, they encouraged me to write out a timeline of all my medical events. This got me thinking about putting together a timeline of my life events. Here that is…..

Sept. 29, 2000                    married my husband

November 2000                went to PCP complaining of ongoing migraines, sent for CAT scan, CAT scan revealed some form of a mass- referred to neurosurgeon


-Feb. 2001                           First visit with neurosurgeon who wanted an MRI/MRA he determined mass was a benign meningioma, his instruction was we would watch and wait for any course of action and to NOT get pregnant, which was fine because I wasn’t having periods at this time and my OBGYN had diagnosed me with PCOS and said I wouldn’t conceive without being on medication, due to a diagnosis of PCOS.

November 2001                I suffered a grand mal seizure which was caused by an unexpected pregnancy that occurred without medication. As a result the tumor began to grow however because of my health, the pregnancy became high risk and I was on bedrest.

June 2002                            Emergency C section when my daughter wasn’t responding to a routine non-stress test in the OBGYN’s office, test revealed she needed to be delivered immediately. I was taken to the hospital and had an emergency C-section on June 25, 2002. My daughter Adalai Joy Deale was born her name means: God is my refuge

October 9, 2002                I had a craniotomy to remove the meningioma. Gained roughly 100+ pounds during this time from the pregnancy and surgery.

October 2005                     I found out I was pregnant with our son. Again doctors were this was impossible with a diagnosis of PCOS and both children were conceived without medication.

April 29, 2005                     My son was born via C section, healthy.

November 2008                Diagnosed a second time with a recurrence of a meningioma but this time in a riskier location so surgery was not an option, therefore I needed to start stereotactic radiosurgery for 6 weeks to shrink the tumor.

January 2009                      I began radiation where I was masked and bolted to a table every day for six weeks. This occurred while I worked full time at the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline of Missouri and my husband was a Bible college student in Missouri.


May 2009                             I began Graduate School at the end of my radiation treatment while continuing to work for the Hotline on a part time basis. My program would only take eighteen months and then I would have my Master’s in Social Work.

December 3, 2009            I suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, this is a massive stroke that only 1-3% of those who endure survive from, this is a story in and of itself. It’s truly a miracle I’m alive.

February 2010                   I found out through a second opinion at the University of Michigan that the second “meningioma” was a misdiagnosis and it was an AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) and radiation is the treatment for it. So radiation was appropriate however, the hemorrhage was a result of the radiation thinning the arteries in the brain causing the AVM to bleed, hence causing the stroke.

February 2010                   I experienced intense facial numbness during one of Graduate courses because up this point I desperately wanted to try to finish my degree. I was one class and one internship away from graduation, at this point. I went to the ER and learned through a CAT scan that I had a small brain bleed in my thalamus which caused the facial numbness, but had stopped by the time of the CAT scan. As a result of this bleed, I withdrew from Graduate School, I was never able to return to work following the hemorrhage.

August 2012                       I began Botox injections in my head, a total of 31 injections every six months for two years for chronic migraines that would, at times land me in the ER 15 days a month. When I wasn’t in the ER with migraines, I was at home living on strong narcotic medication just to make it through the day. My pain levels during this time were severe.

August 2012                       My husband enrolled full time as a college student to pursue a degree in Petroleum Engineering since I was never able to return to work.

February 2014                   I had bariatric surgery because at this point my highest weight was 315 and I didn’t know how to get it under control. As a result of my weight my blood pressure was high, cholesterol was high. I was afraid of having more health problems so I decided to take drastic actions. However, I also knew that I loved to exercise so I knew this would be a part of my new lifestyle. Little did I know that through losing weight and adopting a different nutrition plan, according to my headache doctor, “I’ve fundamentally reset my nervous system” and went from a chronic migraine sufferer to an episodic. I fully believe this is only by the grace of God.

May 2015                             My husband graduated with a Bachelor’s in Petroleum Engineering and was a offered a full time position with ConocoPhillips in Houston, TX.

June 2015                            We moved to Houston, TX

August 2015                       My grandma who helped raise me had a stroke

September 2015               My grandma, whom I spoke to every day on the phone and considered my best friend went into hospice, unresponsive, following her stroke, I flew to MI to be by her side. She passed away in September. This was the hardest month of my life.

October 2015                     Due to the downturn in the Oil and Gas market, my husband was laid off from ConocPhillips.

December 2015                We moved to Ohio to be with family.


In 2016 my hope is….       to inspire others and point them to Christ and to lose weight and maintain my health.


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