Fighting My Way Back to the Grind

I just have to sit back and kinda laugh at how NOT on plan my life is currently going. So I had this grand plan to start getting back on track with eating 5 meals a day, getting into the gym on my push/pull/legs schedule, thinking Monday would be perfect…..perfect start to get things rolling…..that would be TODAY


HA yeah right

So on Saturday, I was walking laps on the driveway and without thinking put my iPhone inside my sports bra, in my defense I thought this would keep the phone from slipping out of my pocket and crashing onto the asphalt I didn’t take into consideration my sweat and how that liquid would actually destroy my cell phone….yep you guessed it, I torched out my screen, which is so ironic because I wasn’t even that sweaty. Thankfully, when we got our new iPhone 6s in Texas I made my husband put insurance on them, but it’s a big fat inconvenient pain in the butt. It’s not as easy as walking into the AT & T store and getting a new phone, it’s a process of filing a claim online and then waiting for the phone to get here.

Now this may not be a big deal for you, in fact, you may think I’m being a bit juvenile, but you see I need my GPS on my phone to get me to the new places I drive to. Since I don’t see well, I rely heavily on that GPS, so being without a phone means I haven’t been able to start to the gym today like I had originally planned and this has been a major disappointment for me!! I don’t do well with plans not going as expected. In fact, I tend to spiral out of control when this happens and I’ve been really fighting against this old behavioral pattern this time. Instead just really trying to talk myself into keeping my motivation and hanging in there when the going is rough. And at the current moment the going feels really rough.

I just found out today that my phone should be here sometime tomorrow!! I’m VERY VERY happy about this because that means I will then get to the gym hopefully by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. This means, only one more day of driveway laps followed by jumping jacks as a workout. I’m sooooooooooo looking forward to establishing a routine. I desperately NEED this. I am barely hanging on here without a routine, so if you pray, please say a prayer for me as my mental health is not the greatest at the moment. L

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