Goodbye 2015 Wish I Could Say it was Fun

I’ve never been a big one on New Year’s Resolutions, mainly because I was never the type of person to actually stick to said resolutions. Plus my resolutions usually always centered on weight loss and the latest diet fad. Yep I was the epitome of a yo-yo dieter. You name it, I did it. Whatever new diet trend was out that year I was picking up the book, app, all the gadgets and enrolling myself in the program for about 3 weeks, then I would fizzle out and that was that. So when I got serious about my weight and health in 2014 and had bariatric surgery I honestly never thought I’d never have a need for a Resolution again. Shoot. I have all the nutritional knowledge and exercise knowledge that I need to be successful, that’s not the issue. Here’s where my issue lies today……

2015 was not at all what I anticipated it to be. In fact, I’ll be quite thankful to put this year behind me. My hopes and dreams were shattered this year. You see, my husband graduated college and with that came a beautiful job offer along with grandiose plans of a house, settled life, friends, Christmas traditions in our new house, a sense of belonging. None of which actual came to pass. Instead, I find myself in the middle of Tim buck two Ohio, living with my in-laws, whom I adore I might add, but who in there 40s wants to be living with their parents again? I know not many. While I’m incredibly thankful to have this incredible opportunity to live with my beautiful in-laws, thankful to them beyond words. I still can’t help but feel a deep sense of sadness at what was lost, the hopes and dreams of a future that, at this point, won’t be realized anytime soon. But in the midst of all of that, plus other life stuff, I got incredibly relaxed on my diet, at times just not caring like I did about weight loss, allowing bad habits to creep back in.

I guess this is normal? Honestly, I just got tired and stopped caring for about 6 months, well caring to a point, but more on that in another post for a later day.

I guess though that I just naively thought I would be immune since I had physically altered my body through surgery, which was another reason for my decision to have bariatric surgery.

Anyway, I digress. Toward the end of 2014, I was sitting at 221 and mad that I hadn’t reached 215, which would have put me at 100lbs lost and in my mind 100lbs lost equaled success. I was ultra-focused while we were living in Rolla, I’m not really sure why, other than I think the environment just allowed me to have a high amount of accountability. I had a large number of people who knew me and knew what my goals were and what I was doing to reach them. I had forgotten that until we visited just a couple of weeks ago and it really hit me. It’s so much easier to have goals when you have people who support and encourage you. I feel like Texas was this massive detour of a wasteland for me personally. Nobody gave a crap about me. Primarily because we lived in a massively large city and people are just not relational in such a city. It struck me how much this is true once we got back to Rolla and even now begin here in Ohio. People just care in a smaller town. I don’t know why, it just is.

So as I sit here writing this in Ohio this  is the first time in MONTHS that I feel like I can officially get back to the business of losing weight mainly because A) life is not so hectic here. B) I am again surrounded by  people who care about my journey C) I don’t have much else to focus on here D) I just know I can do it here.


So today’s blog post is to say that this is my Resolution for 2016, it’s not going to start on Jan. 1, it will start on Monday December 28, 2015. Because why put off what I can start on Monday?

This is what I plan to accomplish through hard work….

I plan to lose 45lbs in the next year. This means I need to lose approximately 3.75lbs a month. Now this alone is going to take some mental rearranging as prior to Texas I was aiming for an 8lbs monthly loss, but I’ll be honest I just don’t think that is possible any longer, but hey if I surprise myself and it is, that would be awesome! Time will tell however.


I’m reverting to somethings that I know work for me. One of which is planning out 21 “cheat days” for the year. So far I have 15 planned and to be honest, I may just plan those and leave the other 6 for really bad PMS days but not take them all in the same month, if that makes sense. So my planned “cheat” days are as follows:

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Eve

My Birthday (November 14)

Jeff’s Bday (Sept. 10)

Our anniversary (Sept. 29)

Valentine’s Day (I’ll be eating chocolate)

Caleb’s Bday (April 25)


Adalai’s Bday (June 25)


July 4th (I’ll be eating a hotdog and chips)

Memorial Day (I’ll be eating a hamburger and chips)

Halloween (hello chocolate)


Then starting on Monday December 28, I have a membership to the YMCA in Jackson, Ohio which is a HUGE blessing as this is the ONLY gym within a 45 mile radius of where I’m living. So I need to wrap my brain around the fact that the 27 mile one way drive to the gym can be a time I use, in the car to worship the Lord and pray. I’m not a big fan of driving, but I feel like God used our time in Houston to prepare me for this drive here in Ohio. In order for me to accomplish the business of weight loss, going to the gym is imperative, the gym is 27 miles away, which means the drive is imperative. Therefore, I must drive to accomplish my weight loss goals. This begins on Monday December 28. On the bright side, this gym has a hack squat, which is one of my favorite leg workouts so I’m very excited about that!

Also on Monday December 28, I’ll be going back to 5 meals a day, high protein, low carb veggies, low sugar. I will be tracking all my calories again in myfitness pal so if you’d like to friend me on there my user name is angiegettingfit2015. For me, I need to track my calories so I can see how and why I’m losing or gaining weight. I guess I will always be a numbers girl. They just provide me great comfort, which is so ironic as I literally hate all forms of math….haha.

I’m planning to revert back to my 6 day a week workout schedule, lifting weights on a push/pull/legs rotation with cardio (60 mins) following lifting. I will do HIIT 3 days a week, although I HATE HIIT, I will try wholeheartedly to have a good attitude about it. I think I’ve given up my aspirations to be a runner at this point, maybe when I get lighter that will be a possibility, but for now, it’s just too hard on my body. Anyway from the research I’ve done, walking is a really great exercise for heart health and weight loss, so I’ll go with that. I’m basically reverting to what I know works here in Ohio.


I’m looking forward to a strict eating plan, workout plan and weight loss plan for 2016 beyond that as far as life things, I have no plan because if there is one thing that 2015 has taught me plans are really pointless if they are outside of God’s will.

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