The Restoration of Hope is a Beautiful Thing!

As I sit here at Starbucks on this Sunday morning, skipping church my brain is reeling from last night’s Missouri S & T alumni party. Truth be told this has been a really long, hard journey that would have ended most people.

Ended people’s marriages,

ended people’s belief in the “American dream” Just ended people and yet here we are still plugging along and I thank God for that because when I stop to think about it, I truly don’t know how we continue to put one foot in front of the other, other than seriously just by the grace of God!

So it was around Tuesday/Wednesday of this week and I was feeling pretty hopeless. I had been searching job sites for Jeff and there is just NOTHING right now for petroleum engineers…just as a sidenote: while you all are enjoying paying beans at the pump, thousands of people are hurting from no work and it’s not just the rich engineers, it’s also the field workers who pump oil up out of the ground, it trickles down but we don’t think about that…..ok off my soapbox now.

Anyway, hopeless….we hadn’t made the firm decision to move to Ohio at this point and we were wavering in what we were going to do and if you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I do NOT do well with a lack of plan, no action. So I get this brain child, “hey Jeff, why don’t you go back to school and get your PhD and teach” thinking this would secure our future and potentially put us in a sleepy little Midwesterner town somewhere?  Well as you can imagine for this man who just got done with 6 years of school the idea of going back, for what he assumed would be another 8 years felt like a kick to the head. So I continue and say, “do you mind if I just call Dr. Flori, his advisor/mentor from Rolla, to see how long it would actually take?” He didn’t mind. Now understand it’s EXTREMELY difficult to get ahold of Dr. Flori, let alone actually have a chance to talk to him in person. Plus I didn’t have his phone number. So on the off chance, I googled it. It popped right up! Then I dialed, it ranged and low and behold, he answered!! And not only answered but knew exactly who I am…’s such a long story, but in my opinion Dr. Flori is a blessing and a direct God placement in Jeff’s life. Anyway, he had some ideas for Jeff’s future and when I told him we would be driving through Rolla, could we meet with him? He said, “actually I’m coming into Houston this next weekend, why don’t we get together for lunch and we can talk then!” Perfect!! So not only did we have the opportunity to have lunch with him, but he also invited us to a Missouri S & T (My husband’s college) alumni Christmas party because Houston houses a large population of S & T graduates from years past. Anyway, what an unexpected blessing yesterday turned out to be!! So we had lunch with Dr. Flori and that was an encouraging lunch. He gave Jeff some ideas about paths to pursue for his future, while we wait for petroleum to come back. Then that evening we went to the Galleria area of Houston, can I just say, I’ve never been to this area, but WOW, talk about MONEY, it puts Katy to shame…

BUT here’s what I learned yesterday and I was super convicted. I hob knobbed with people last night FROM Missouri who were loaded, living in a neighborhood in the millions and you know what? Some of the kindest people I’ve been around here in Houston. I even met a girl who was really nice and told me about a different area in Houston where she grew up and lived, when I told her about my Katy experience, she apologized for my experience being that here in Houston and assured me not all of Houston is like that. It gave me hope that I could one day return to Houston and live in a different area


So at this point, we walked away from last night with hope. Jeff got contact information from a couple of people and will send his resume, but at this point it appears that like the housing market in 2007, Petroleum is cyclical like that and now we wait. While we wait, we are moving to Ohio and it’s very possible that if Petroleum doesn’t rebound by next fall that Jeff may find himself pursing  a Master’s degree (unknown form of engineering at this point) even though he REALLY doesn’t want to!! And not sure if that would mean a move back to Rolla or if that would mean a move up toward Columbus, but time will tell with that. In the meantime, it’s good to feel a twinge of hope again. So off we go to Ohio and I’m at peace with leaving Texas and I do so with not as much bitterness that I thought I would have, in fact, I think I could move back here, just not Katy. Yes the restoration of hope is indeed a beautiful thing!!

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