Hello December

Well it’s the second day of December. I had hoped to post this yesterday and start December off with a bang, but a migraine kept me from doing pretty much everything. But today I’m getting back on track and my first order of business was a good workout. A workout after w rocky migraine is always tough, but I managed to get in 90 minutes of cardio, some intense moments, some not-so-intense, but I did it and I got thinking. This time 2 years ago, a day after a migraine, I wouldn’t have even gotten into the gym, let alone out of bed. So I sit here, at Starbucks, writing this December post, thankful with my new attitude, my new lease on life, my mew ability to overcome. I think this has been the biggest learning curve since we’ve moved to Houston 6 months ago, learning to let ago, release my grip a little bit. Granted I’m no expert at it and there are days I think perhaps I’ve worried myself into an ulcer, but for the most part I don’t feel like I have clung so tightly to the things that I can’t control. This has been freeing and terrifying all at once, but mostly freeing. Sure I still have days where I struggle with wanting the illusion of control and on those days a good cry and a hot tea seem to really help. Otherwise, I just have to really have some time for new ideas to “sink in” Take for example moving to Ohio. Now what 41 year old WANTS to move in with  her in-laws? To the middle of literally NOWHERE? To live under someone else’s roof? To not really have access to a gym? A church? a STARBUCKS? I shed a few tears I’m not going to lie, but then I had some serious revelations and that’s the purpose to today’s post…..


  1. I am beyond blessed by the in-laws that I DO have. These people have not only accepted me as if I’m their own flesh and blood, but they love me like I’m their own. Truly. My mother-in-law is someone who would drive me to doctor appointments when I couldn’t take myself because I was too sick, my sister-in-law would come care for my kids when I was too sick to take care of them. My in-laws are the type of people you never feel like an inconvenience around. They never make you feel like you are over staying your welcome. They just genuinely love having you around. For a girl who has always felt like a burden this is just the oddest reality, but 15 years later I finally get it and I’m thankful to be moving to Ohio and getting the opportunity to live with these amazing people, if only for a short season. Of course at the end of the day we are all just human and adults and I’m sure we’ll get on each other’s nerves, but overall I’m looking forward to getting OUT of Texas and back by family. I’m excited that my kids will be going to a Christian school and live by grandma. What a blessing!
  2. One major downside is that there is no Starbucks, but I’ve begun to wrap my brain around this reality and it’ll be ok. I’ve been researching area coffee shops and while many don’t exist, I’ll just go plunk down at the library if need be and write there…..it’ll work!! I’m convinced.
  3. So a gym…..this has been my biggest, scariest reality. There just aren’t many options there. BUT I did discover there is a new Crossfit box that just opened and wouldn’t it just be like God to destroy all my preconceived notions around Crossfit by having me try it? LOL I kinda just chuckle at the thought, but I will be giving that a shot, so stay tuned on that new adventure.

So far December is shaping up to be a pretty interesting month. We leave Texas in exactly 16 days and I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Goodbye Katy, I never want to see you again!!!

Hello December, I welcome you

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