41 Random Facts

41 Random Facts

thankfulness and other randomness, you’re welcome 🙂

  1. I woke up this morning
  2. I was able to work out this morning
  3. I have two healthy children
  4. I am married to a man who puts up with me and trust me on some days this is asking A LOT
  5. I have a great mom who loves me!
  6. I have a personal relationship with a God who actually exists!
  7. I am healthy
  8. I’ve lost 86lbs
  9. I love working out
  10. I love Starbucks
  11. I am finding things in life that I am passionate about, such as health and fitness
  12. I am in love with my husband, he still makes my heart skip a beat
  13. I am happy.
  14. I enjoy my day-to-day life for the first time ever
  15. I could see myself working in the health/fitness industry in a few years and this excites me
  16. I am thankful to be alive
  17. When I was 35, it looked like my life was about to be cut short, but God spared my life
  18. Every day I have breath is a miracle
  19. It can always be worse
  20. I’m aspiring runner and this makes me smile
  21. I’m definitely an athlete in training
  22. I like to stretch after a good workout
  23. I love to blog
  24. I love to sit and blog and think and be at Starbucks
  25. Starbucks is my happy place
  26. Jeff was a long hair hippy, guitar playing, pizza delivery guy when we met
  27. I fell in love with his heart for Jesus pretty instantly.
  28. And his heart to worship Jesus
  29. And his heart to share Jesus with the lost
  30. I was a smitten kitten
  31. He makes me heart happy.
  32. I hope we 80 more years together on this earth loving each other
  33. Marriage is not for the faint of heart
  34. It requires a lot of real work
  35. Hard, Real work
  36. Don’t kid yourself
  37. But every day it’s worth it!
  38. Jesus is a real person
  39. He did walk on this earth
  40. He did die to cover your sins so that
  41. You can stand in the presence of a Holy God, otherwise, you’ll go to hell, so choose Jesus…I promise you won’t regret it!!

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