Work The System

In the midst of chaos and craziness that is our current life. I have a massive realization yesterday….I AM a bariatric patient… hello!!

Now for those of you who are bariatric patients and you follow my blog, this is going to seem like a very weird post, just hang in there, hopefully it will make sense by the end.

So I embarked on this weight loss surgery journey very haphazardly I feel like. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20. I flippantly pursued the process only to later meet people who had to jump through massive hoops to get the process going. I was fortunate in that I had my first consult in November 20113 and had the sleeve in Feb. 2014. Now some may think this was a great turnaround time and yes it does seem that way, BUT I had this revelation that struck me yesterday, yes 19 months after the fact. Because I sailed through the surgery process and really had no guidance from my first bariatric program, I really didn’t conform to their rules. Being the bull headed person I am, I figured simple things like experiencing hunger meant I was just going to be on a different road than most. You see, I seriously thought that I would NEVER experience hunger again, but nope that was never me. Then for a while I thought that my restriction was “not normal” I felt like I could always eat more than your typical sleeve person. So I figured I would have to lose my weight through exercise. I didn’t feel “blessed” with this tool that would not only curb my appetite or keep me satisfied. So I took a LOOOOONG trip around a very big mountain and here I am 19 months later going, “hey wait a second, I do have a sleeve and it must work?” So as I’ve regained (something I swore wouldn’t happen) I have decided for the first time on this crazy journey to work the system.

I, Angie Deale, will be learning how my restriction really works for the first time in ever.

I have started the 5 day pouch test and yes I have blogged about how I didn’t think this was needed, blah blah blah, that was just my self-righteous, judgmental, self, talking! For which, I am sorry, I was wrong.

So I have decided I’m going to incorporate the 5 day pouch test this week, currently on day 2 and it SUCKS!!! Then once that’s completed I will be beginning next week a bariatric eating lifestyle. I do NOT want to hear how eating less than 1200 calories will stall my metabolism for two reasons:

  1. I will figure it out if it happens, I tend to be an open person.
  2. What about all the bariatric people who eat less than 1000 calories a day?

Anyway, that’s my plan and I’m going to try it for a while. My hope with the 5 day pouch test is to confirm to myself that I have restriction, something I’ve been terrified is no longer there!! I plan to eat to restriction, nothing more. None of this pushing to get ¾ cup of rice or whatever in along with protein, veggies. If I wanted to a measured out step-by-step diet plan, I wouldn’t have had the surgery and I certainly wouldn’t have lost the weight I have lost.

I’m not sure how this will all pan out, so stick around to find out!

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