I Take It ALL Back!!!!

I take it ALL back……

I was only thinking about having a revision because of the pain I was having a couple of days ago and my mind went to “worst case scenario” then of course it go me thinking about how I would probably then lose this last remaining 50lbs and sure did it seem easy, yep, but is it realistic? Nope, so for those of you worried that I’m going under the knife anytime soon, rest assured I am NOT. I don’t think my marriage would survive number one, but number two, I know that when I choose to have the sleeve it was my “one shot” at getting this weight off and keeping it off. Maybe my expectations were to high of trying to get to 157?  Probably, but I’m working through that now. The conclusion that I’ve come to is that I could be very happy somewhere between 207-215, which with this being the case I just need to lose about 34-26 pounds, which is completely doable!! So this has become my new mission. To get these stress eating pounds OFF and then to keep them off!! Would I love to get under 200, you betcha, Will I? no real clue, but what I do know and this crazy journey has brought me is a new found passion for exercise!! I love my active lifestyle, it’s something that for A LOT of years I NEVER thought would ever be a reality and now it is. I bust my hump everyday in the gym and for this I am extremely grateful to God for bringing me through so much heartache over the last 14 years because without Him, I would be dead, no lie!

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