The Struggle is OVERWHELMING Today…..eeeek

So I am FRUSTRATED!!!!! I went to the primary doctor’s office yesterday because I was having stomach pain. And I tend to think worst case scenario, ya know with my previous health history and all. Anyway, prior to this appointment, I was sure that something was wrong with my sleeve and I’d need a revision to bypass, I was sure, so I called and made an appointment with a bariatric surgeon here in Houston. Apparently they will see you if they think they can make money…..smh

Anyway, I went to my primary yesterday because I can’t get into the WLS doctor until October 19. After much discussion and an exam, my PCP told me I’m constipated…..LOL. Constipated to the point I was having enough pain that I was sure I needed a revision. So my doctor prescribed a medicine and pointed me toward an OTC med to take. Anyway, I’m working on that issue now. I’m sure it’s from being completely OFF my eating schedule and water schedule during my trips to MI in Aug.

Anyway, all of that to say, I was weighed at my doctor’s office yesterday and I did NOT like what I saw. This was the first time I’ve been on a scale, where I found out the number in MONTHS……I’ve gained way more than I would like, like 34lbs more than the lowest I’ve weighed since surgery when we lived in Rolla. So this has me thinking a few things……

  1. I think it’s time to resume calorie counting along with a calorie deficit, I’m not exactly sure where that will land me. Currently I’m shooting to hit 1500 calories a day, so we’ll see if this is my sweet spot, but I’m going to venture to say it’s probably not (too high)
  2. . I think I may keep my bariatric appointment and talk to him about possibly doing a revision. I feel like a HUGE WLS failure. Hindsight is always 20/20, but I hated my surgeon in Missouri, I was sold on the sleeve, something I’m now questioning with the amount of weight I had to lose in the beginning. Remember I started at 315. I know that I’ve made the shift as far as lifestyle changes, etc. But I guess now sitting at 240, I’m questioning EVERYTHING!!!! I WILL NOT go back WILL NOT so if that means a revision, so be it. My husband is NOT on board with me having anymore surgery, so I just don’t know. Perhaps this new doctor won’t even touch me, who knows?! But I feel I need to find out

So if you are a prayerer, please say a prayer for me today as I’m struggling!!!

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