Weird is the Word

It’s been awhile since I blogged last so this will just be a overall life update post.

So I think we are finding our Texas groove. Kids are settled and happy in their schools. Our apartment is slowly coming together. I’m beginning to feel comfortable driving here, even on I10 which is a HUGE accomplishment!! I think I’m going to stick with my counselor. I was thinking of switching and even scheduled an appointment with a different counselor, so we’ll see. Yesterday’s session was really good. She taught me an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and it was weirdly cool. It’s hard to explain but it involved tapping, very weird, but it truly works. So I’ll be armed with this technique as I fly to Michigan tomorrow for my grandma’s memorial service on Saturday. This will be an interesting trip, as it will probably be one of our last trips to my birth state as a family. My parents and Jeff’s parents no longer live there and now that my grandma is gone, I don’t really have a reason to go back. So this trip will be strange. On top of the fact that I will have to interact with my sister whom I haven’t spoken to since Aug. 10. So WEIRD is the word of this post today. I’m so thankful that Jeff will be with me as he keeps me grounded in overly emotional situations and I’m assuming this one will be a majorly heightened level of emotion. I’m sure I’ll have a TON to talk about in counseling when I get back!!

It’s been so good being back in the gym consistently the last 2 weeks. I feel amazing. My goals for this trip to Michigan is to not stray to far off course with my nutrition, as it’s ALWAYS so hard getting back on track when I get back on plan. I also easily gain weight, so that wouldn’t be cool either. I’ve just got back body back to eating every 3 hours, on plan, so it’s going to be impossible to eat what I am, suppose to eat, every three hours in Michigan, so my goal is to make healthy choices as often as I can and NOT get tempted with all the comfort foods that come with being in old familiar environments in a highly emotional situation. So if you are a prayer, please pray for me this weekend, It’s going to be a difficult situation all the way around!!

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