Hello September

As I sit here on the cusp of a brand new month, I’m feeling like I want to blog about all of the great things that are going on and why I love September so much.

So it feels like we are beginning to find a rhythm here in Texas. Our small little apartment is coming together and I realize that I don’t need a lot of space to be happy in. I just need organized, uncluttered space! In fact, living in about 860 square feet I don’t have much to clean, So hey that works!! The addition of a second bathroom has been a massive blessing along with new carpet. I’m so grateful that our apartment manager would schedule us for new carpet, so much so that I made banana bread to take to them today. I just feel very grateful!!

My kids are slowly finding their routine with their new schools and with this I’m hoping I’ll find my new workout routine. Today was day #2 of being back in the gym. It felt good. My body just adapts very well to working out so I know I will always do it. It amazes me that I haven’t been on a scale in months and the only reason I knew I had gained any weight this month was because I had to weigh in for a doctor’s appointment. I did however put a jean skirt on that I’ve been measuring my success by and this is how I knew that I had indeed gained the weight that I had. This normally loose fitting skirt was fitting to well. So from now on clothes will be how I’m measuring my success with weight loss. I feel comfortable with this method as I’ll be checking in monthly with my nutritionist who weighs me, takes measurements and figures out my body fat %, so as long as this continues to happen I will just stay off the scale, eat on plan and workout 6 days a week. Learning to breathe and stop to live in the present is what I’m working on with my counselor and what I want September 2015 to be marked with, so goal #1.

This month marks my husband’s 39th birthday. This man means more to me that I can really ever put down on paper. Sure we have moments where we could scream and run for the hills, but what couple doesn’t? At the end of the day though, he chose me to marry, to spend his life with and for that I am eternally grateful. So even though he’s not thrilled to be that much closer to 40, I’m thankful that God has allowed him to live for 39 years on this earth.

September 2015 also marks Jeff and my 15th wedding anniversary!! This in and of itself is a true testimony to God’s graciousness and goodness in our lives. I’ll be honest I never thought that A) I’d be married and B) that I’d last this long, true story. So every day that Jeff gets up and choses me is another day that I feel completely blessed and thankful. I want to live in an attitude of thankfulness for my husband. This month I joined a group on Facebook to pray for your husband and I’ll be honest when I joined I was kinda ticked off at Jeff. I felt like he wasn’t very appreciative of all the running around for the kid’s school I’ve been doing, let alone the housework etc. I decided at the end of August that I wasn’t going to complain to him or anyone about my feelings. Instead I decided to PRAY and tell God all about it. God answers prayer quickly too! That same day my friend DeLisa invited me to be a part of this Facebook group  to pray for our husbands and then on top of that DeLisa and I are reading through the book and devotional Power of a Praying Wife.

I just love how God is so personal!! Last night, Jeff, who NEVER really thinks to buy me flowers or anything sentimental brought a dozen roses “because I appreciate you!” I was blown away, I must admit, feeling very encouraged today!! So as I write about the start to September I wanted to write down somethings that I’m thankful for and keep my focus this month on thankfulness.

  1. I am thankful that I’m married to a loving, forgiving, gracious man.
  2. I’m thankful for the schools my kids are going to this year, they are really great!
  3. I’m thankful my body remembers how to submit to the beginning of a workout routine
  4. I’m thankful for structure, order and routine, wow does this bring me GREAT peace
  5. I’m thankful for Texas!! Yep I said it, I will rejoice in my surroundings. I will give God thanks even when I can’t see what lies ahead. He has brought us here for a reason, even if it remains to be seen. I am thankful.
  6. I am thankful that the temps are quite comfortable in the upper 80s, I definitely love Texas weather, even the heat, yep I do!

So as we start this new month, what are your goals? What are you thankful for today?

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