DEATH to the Right Fighter in me!!

I’ve gone to 2 counseling sessions so far here in Houston and I’m so thankful that I’ve sought out the help of a counselor. I seriously don’t know why more people don’t. Anyway, this last session, we talked about me getting stirred up when I feel like someone has wronged me or there’s some form of injustice done. We’ll definitely be working on this over the next few weeks. Anyway, something she said struck me. She said, “Angie we need to work on you taking your power back” See I didn’t realize when I get fired up and start fighting back, it’s me handing my power over to the other person. Granted there are times when speaking up and fighting are important, for example, child abuse. But 9 out of 10 times, me getting fired up and thinking there should be some just solution is just not going to happen, let alone leave me feeling frustrated and more angry. So I’ve been chewing on this new piece of insight for a couple of days and I think it’s completely hilarious that yesterday I was already faced with putting this new concept into place……

OK so I’m a glasses and contact lens wearer, have been for about 30 years or so. I was super excited when Jeff told me we would have great vision coverage and I could get a new pair of glasses. See the glasses I got were just a cheap pair that we bought in Missouri while he was in college and we had no money. They weren’t a pair I loved or even picked out. In fact, they were clearance frames. Jeff also said I could get prescription sunglasses, something I had never had before. So I booked an appointment at Today’s Vision Katy. Simply because this shop got good reviews and I was new to Katy and didn’t know any better. Now for those of you that know me know that I am a talker. I make small talk with new people because I like learning things about people. So naturally when I met this eye doctor, I simply asked where she was from. Out of no other motive than to get to know her as a person. I didn’t take into consideration that she’s foreign (although she doesn’t have a strong accent) Anyway, she seemed immediately offended and asked, “WHY?”  what the heck I was just making small talk….geesh. The appointment continued to go down hill from there. She then informed me that the contacts that I’ve worn for over 2 years are made by a manufactor that she doesn’t do business with, based on her ethical concerns. So she made me take a trial pair of Accuview contacts to “try”, but I had been in Accuview for years prior to finding the lens I like now and yep still HATED them. She finally gave me a script for Biofinity (the contacts I love). OK so stupid me I ordered my glasses and sunglasses through her shop, as if all this punishment wasn’t enough….wow hindsight.

When my glasses came in, I literally could NOT see out of them. It was like I was in a mirrored house at the fiar. It was awful. After a recheck of my script with the doctor, she determined that perhaps the PD was off or I wasn’t adjusting to the material of the lens. So they sent them away to be re-made. In the meantime, I called my insurance and was granted another eye exam with a different doctor. Primarily because I don’t trust Dr. Wells of Today’s Vision Katy. So I found a different eye doctor, one that I really love and will continue to use for as long as we are in Katy. I took my glasses and sunglasses into the 2nd place and the optician said the materials on all the glasses (new, sunglasses and my old glasses) were EXACTLY  the same and that the PD wouldn’t matter because my lens were single vision, NOT the progressives Today’s Vision wanted to put me in!! She went on to say that the sphere measurement was completely OFF in the Today’s Vision glasses. So I sent the glasses out to be remade through the second shop and in the meantime left my 1 star review of Today’s Vision on their Facebook page. Within a couple of hours, I was called by the doctor of Today’s Vision husband (not sure if he’s the office manager or what) he wanted to hear my side of the story. So I told him everything that I’ve typed here. Of course, he’s her husband and jumped to her defense saying she’s a great clinician blah blah blah….and perhaps that’s his opinion, however that was NOT my experience at all!!! Anyway, he said he would refund me the cost of the sunglass lens. Because at this point I’m in them about 500 (the most expensive sunglasses I’ll every own and I don’t even love the frames, poop) Anyway, so we’ll see if this will happen. I will gladly update my review and publically state that they refunded me, IF they actually do.

So the moral to the story is this……..

I HATE confrontation. I left a review NOT to get a response but to let newbies to Katy, like me, know my experience. Especially since that’s how I found their shop to begin with. I’ve chosen to “let go” of some of the things this guy said to me, simply because it’s not worth the fight or the energy I would have to expend to fight back. This may not seem like a huge step to you, but it certainly is to me! Death to the right fighter in me!!

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