What a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!

Nightmare is the word I would use to describe our move to Texas. I feel like we are in a vortex of crazy right now. It’s insane and what I’m learning about myself is that I’m a stress eater and with that stress eating I easily gain weight, which stinks!!

So let me bring you up to speed on our living situation. We moved into a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment last weekend. The extra bathroom is lovely! This is the only upside of this whole thing. Anyway, when they cleaned the carpets just prior to us moving in. The carpets REEKED to high heaven. After telling them (that in an of itself could be a blog post) They scheduled to re-carpet the apartment and the manger’s exact words were: “You don’t have to move anything, I don’t know how they do it, but they come in with fully occupied apartments and somehow recarpet in 4 hours” Great we thought, since we just moved in, we have very little unpacked, but all of our beds were up (kids now have loft beds) and our pantry had been unpacked, but everything else was still in boxes. So we did NOTHING because we were told to do NOTHING…….then the carpet guys came 2 days ago and freaked out when they saw our apartment. Speaking in very little/broken English, they communicated with me that we needed to move all of our stuff out and they would come back in an hour to recarpet!! An HOUR? Are you kidding me? So I went to the office to talk to the manager, who of course wasn’t in!! Got Jeff frantically on the phone, while he was at work and came to the conclusion that NO we wouldn’t move our stuff again, we would just move out if they couldn’t do it….UGH WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!! So the building and grounds supervisor fired this carpet crew on the spot and told the owner of the company (who apparently has carpeted with other crews in occupied apartments) to get some competent people out here. So they finally did YESTERDAY!!! Praise God, we have new carpet…..well you would think that’s where the story ends, right? WRONG!!! I have NO clue what they carpet layers did, but by the time they left and we got home around 5pm, we noticed the A/C wasn’t working. Our apartment was a blazing 86 degrees and climbing….are you kidding me right now? So Jeff placed a called to the emergency building line and a guy came our and said he couldn’t fix it until this morning. So we trucked our butts over to the apartment property’s corporate suite and stayed the night there, which I’m thankful for, but didn’t sleep because the beds were horrendous. So I’m back at our old “new” apartment waiting to take kids to school and come back in hopes that the A/C guys will be here by 9am, fingers crossed

Oh and then this morning, Jeff says, “Angie I don’t want to alarm you but when you turn in the keys you might want to tell them that I’ve killed about 5 cockroaches’” OMG, I just can’t take anymore, he also said, “tell them I’ll fill out the move-in sheet because there’s other stuff, but we haven’t even been here 5 mins to do it yet!”

In a nutshell? Yep I still hate Texas, well maybe not the whole state anyway, I did meet a really down-to-earth girl at my new eye doctor’s office. This gave me hope! Meeting her, even if for 10 mins., inspired me to get the heck out of Katy!!! Here’s the revelation I had yesterday…….Jeff and I fit better among the working class, you know these types….the types of people who work hard for what they have and what they want. They don’t have to live in 300,000+ houses to feel content or satisfied and they NEVER look down their noses at people who make less money then them or drive cars that aren’t the latest rage. Those types of people, these are our people and we currently do NOT live among them. We currently live in an apartment complex tucked away in Hoigty Toigty Ville, you know those types….they upper class, rich snob people who either fell into money or were born into it. They have no concept of not having everything they want. Yep these are NOT our people, nor to I ever want to be these people and I certainly do NOT want my kids raised among these people. So in conclusion. I guess I don’t hate All of Texas, I just hate Katy and Cinco Ranch. So once we have a more firm grasp on our future, out of Katy and far far away from here we go J In the meantime….WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “What a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!

  1. Angie so sorry you are having such a hard time. I would probably have the same problem. I can’t stand people like that either. They have NO IDEA what living in a real world is like. My hat is off to you for sticking to who you are and not changing.


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