It’s a CRAZY Whirlwind Life

Wow August has been a whirlwind. I’m ready for September and with it hopefully a slower pace but most importantly a ROUTINE…..I miss structure and routine so bad I feel like I’m dying of thirst, no lie!

So most of you know that my beloved grandma Lewis died in August following a stroke. Thankfully I was able to fly home and be with her at Hospice before she passed. Those precious hours before her death were profound for me personally. My grandma Lewis was truly my best friend. Even just saying that doesn’t do it justice.

During this time, I had a massive falling out with my sister, whom I no longer plan to communicate with. So much so that when I see her on Sept 12 for my grandma’s memorial service (she was cremated), I’ve put myself in counseling beforehand here in Texas so that I have tools I need to deal with her level of insanity.

My grandma’s death did something profound in me. It somehow has caused me to no longer deal with hurtful people in my life. I guess perhaps I’ve seen how precious life is and how silly it is to waste it on meaningless drama… let’s hope this lesson long serves me well!!

During this time in Michigan, I was there a week, I maybe slept 4-6 hours a night, didn’t work out and ate like crap, so it wasn’t a big surprise when I came back to TX that I had gained 13lbs……ugh

My only shocker, so to speak, was my inability to get right back into the gym. Being an avid gym-rat this has caused me great stress for a variety of reasons, but I’ll get there…..

So my kids and I arrived back on a Monday and they started school on a Tuesday, at a small Pentecostal school here in Katy. Jeff and I assumed this would be a good fit, let me assure you it was NOT a good fit!!! Without going into any details, for 3 reasons primarily…1) My husband asked me not to and 2)the school’s leadership did warn us (parents) they would be monitoring our social media accounts-trust me they have! 3) Quite frankly, I’m scared after realizing #2. We pulled our kids out of that school on Friday, so they attended from Tuesday until 3:30pm on Friday and yes this past Friday. I’ve been scrambling trying to figure out what we were going to do for schooling our kids. Thankfully, we’ve found 2 great options for our kids that they began today. Soooooo all of that’s been happening BUT then throw into this insane mix………. A MOVE . Yep, we had to move out of our “short term” apartment (we were only going to be there until August was our original plan). Since we like the apartment complex where we live, we decided to do another short term apartment through December. Well that meant moving this last weekend. Honestly, I think our move from Missouri was easier than this move!!! Oh my goodness, who knew that moving a block over could be do difficult? Not me.

Anyway, the apartment we moved into that was supposed to be ready for move in on Saturday….It was NOT ready. They had just cleaned the carpets on Saturday and they were even still damp on Sunday. Plus the carpets REEKED!!! Like pet urine and mildew, so nasty. Thankfully, when we complained on Saturday and then again on Monday, the manager agreed to replace all the carpets and padding, which was a HUGE HUGE blessing!! So today I’m waiting for the carpet people to get here… you can see why I’m stressed and gaining weight, right?

So my plan is to finish out this week is getting us into a good routine with new schools, times, etc and get back into the gym on MONDAY August 31, if not before and start eating on plan TOMORROW….oh my goodness this has been the hardest part of all of this, NOT eating crap. What I’ve realized is that CRAP food is quick, easy and DEADLY!!!

Overall I think I’m learning, slowly anyway, how to deal with life when it decides to throw massive curveballs my way. This has been an ongoing struggle and life lesson for me!

***since the writing of this post, the carpet guys couldn’t switch out the carpet so tonight we are repacking and taking apart beds & frames and basically re-moving so that they can come tomorrow and lay carpet…ARGH!!!! Hoping for some semblance of normal by Monday, please pray because I need some peace in my life asap!!

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