Just STOP it already!!!

Something I know about myself is that I’m a pessimist. Always have been. I tend to have to struggle to find the positive in life. So yesterday I was talking to my friend DeLisa and she encouraged me to write a blog post about the things that I like, so far, about Katy. Since I was complaining about all the things I hate. So this blog post is dedicated today to my bestie, DeLisa, thank you for always pointing me toward Christ and helping me see the positive!! You’re the best!

Here are the things that I’m thankful for today:

  • Lidocaine patches to put on my feet, WOW these help immensely when my neuropathy is flared up, I wouldn’t have been prescribed these had we not moved to Houston!
  • My new Katy neurologist, It’s soooooo hard to find a neurologist without a God complex or with a decent bedside manner and this new doc is just great!! So apparently I needed to move to Katy to find a good neurologist, VERY thankful for him.
  • The vast array of homeschool options that are readily available here in Katy, it’s marvelous and overwhelming and exciting!
  • Specific answered prayer this week for Jeff and a job situation. Direct result from prayer.
  • I love that I’ve found a Christian counselor here in Katy and I’m looking forward to working with her
  • We move today into a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment until December and while it isn’t settling us long term atleast it’s settling us for the next 6 months so I’ll take it!
  • I’m thankful that on Monday I will be beginning again in the gym, oh how I’ve missed it!!

So these are the things that I’m thankful for today and today I’m choosing to be thankful instead of being a pessimist!

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