The Update

So I went yesterday to my nutritionist appointment and some people have messaged me and asked how it went. Instead of responding individually, I thought I would blog about it because it’s just easier.

So to recap……I started working with Kim on June 1, 2015 when we moved to Houston. Prior to working with her I was experimenting with Intermittent Fasting because I was so sick of eating the same exact thing over and over with no enjoyment of flavor, food or any cheat meals, ie: unclean food. She asked me my goals and I told her that I wanted to lose more weight, ideally hitting 157, but I’d be happy at 180 with muscle. I also wanted to figure out how to “eat for life” and not count calories anymore. She smiled and handed me my meal plan with a cookbook. She put meals a day with an increase in food amounts and more variety than what I had been experiencing. I weighed in and measured that day with her. Oh and she also told me how to exercise and lift weights making my gym focus on target heart rate for cardio and heavy lifting for weights. I continued my gym regimen of 6 days a week of lifting weights and doing cardio, but she decreased my cardio to 40-45 mins a day, not the 60 mins I was doing. When I checked back in with her, 2 weeks later, I had gained muscle and lost body fat, went from 41-39% body fat. I was feeling pretty happy with that!! Then the next week after my appointment happened…..dun dun dunnnnn….I got sick and was out of the gym for a week, didn’t eat on plan so when I checked in with her. I had gained 2 lbs, which I had also lost muscle, so the 2 lb gain was straight up fat!!! My body fat went from 39-40%, this completely SCHOCKED me!!!! It proved to me that eating like crap off plan and skipping the gym would take it’s toll. I will never be one of those girls who can eat whatever they want, whenever they want and NOT workout and still be skinny…..the reality is, I’d have to be anorexic to get super skinny and even then I think that looks gross anyway, so no thank you….Nope this proved to be that I will HAVE to put the work in to get the results I want and that is to be fit, lean and muscular.

So after that appointment I made my mind up to hit it hard so I went to work…..BUT I hurt my back and again was out of the gym for 5 days and eating like crap again. So I was terrified to see where I would be at yesterday. I knew that I would be up somewhere just wasn’t sure where. So overall, the damage wasn’t to bad, of course it was more than I desire. When I walked into Kim’s office I was a ball of anxiety. That morning, my van broke down, I was fighting with Jeff, we have some other major unmentionable stress doing on that won’t be resolved until 2016 and  yada yada yada…..Kim was like, “whoa Angie, you are stressed out!!” I was like “OMG YES!!!! That’s the state of my being since we moved to Texas I hate Texas!!!” She smiled and said she understood, then took my measurements. She said, “well for being under the amount of stress you are under, you are just kinda  “treading your weight” meaning my body isn’t gaining or losing (which I guess in hindsight is a good thing) She went on to explain that while I’m down ½ lb  on the scale ( I still haven’t weighed myself at home since the first of June, so this really means nothing to me) I haven’t gained back to the muscle I lost either, this is primarily due to the 2 weeks I missed in the gym over the last month. She went on to explain that cortisol (the stress hormone) is probably high in my body with all the stress that I’m under and my body is refusing to give up any of the fat!!! This SUCKS!!!!  She encouraged me to continue to do yoga as this will help my stress levels and help my cortisol levels as well.

She did an exercise with me that really put things in perspective about food. So it’s time to refocus……..

We now know that we’ll be staying on the apartment complex property that we currently life in, only we get to move into a 2 bedroom (NOT ideal with 2 opposite gender children but doable) and a 2 bathroom (praise Jesus!) apartment in 2 weeks. This is a HUGE blessing!!! But for two main reasons, 1) it’s a simple move and 2) I now know this area and am comfortable driving it, which is HUGE for a girl with low vision!! We still have more stress coming in October that we will weather and I need to concentrate on God’s goodness to me in the meantime. The conclusion that I came to after yesterday?

Life is FULL of stress, there is nothing I can do about that. BUT what I can control is what goes into my mouth AND my daily workouts. I still get a weekly cheat meal and let me tell you I will choose wisely and savor whatever I choose for that week.

So I’m still on the path to 20% body fat. Oh and the other SUPER cool thing Kim told me, probably the highlight of the appointment for me was that I can “stay off the scale” because the scale is a liar and she uses some kind of calculations to determine my success, NOT the scale, This was sooooooo freeing. So my commitment is to stay off the scale while I continue to work with Kim (atleast for all of 2015 possibly longer), to eat on plan and to work out on plan. This is my commitment moving forward physically…..Mentally and spiritually my commitment is to do a daily devotional/quiet time with the Lord and focus on rejoicing always and praying continually. I will blog as I feel inspired as this outlet also helps my mental wellbeing. Oh and do yoga on Thursdays, to help my cortisol levels and plus I enjoy it. I want to live in the present and enjoy my family on a daily basis even in the midst of crazy life stress….

This is my update for today 8/8/15

Have a great weekend friends and figure out your goals and work toward them daily!!

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