Yesterday was a bummer of a day and I blogged all about it. I had a friend message me last night and encourage me and it was exactly what I needed! God knows me so well J

About 3 days ago, I was at the gym listening to a podcast by Lisa Bevere about marriage and I felt strongly at that time that I was supposed to open up and share from my personal experience on marriage, the good, the bad and the ugly. I strongly felt like the Lord was leading me down that path and I remember thinking, “if I don’t get this out, I’ll be under spiritual attack” and I can honestly say I didn’t even know where to begin, so I pushed it off. Well guess what? Attack came and completely destroyed my faith for 48 hours. A rental property that our realtor said, “they’ll select you no problem” completely fell through among of mirrad of other struggles in that time frame. Yes I lost sight of what is important and was completely devastated, because it all meant we were back to square one. Well about the same time, God was speaking to me about writing about marriage, He was also convicting my heart to start making Him a priority and spending daily time with Him. My friend DeLisa texts me almost daily and she had shared something from her devotional one morning and I thought, “Ya know I should be reading a devotional” but I didn’t know where to start or how to pick one, God prompted me again to start looking into a devo on marriage. So I bought the book and devotional “Power of a Praying Wife” and DeLisa and I will read the book together and I started the devo today and let me just say WOW!!!! It couldn’t have been more spot on for where I’m currently at in life, so I wanted to share the Scripture that was today’s focus…….It’s 1 Thess 5: 16-18   Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  I believe God is showing me that no matter what external circumstances are going on in my life that if I rejoice always, pray without ceasing and give thanks, this is God’s plan for my life. I know that God is for my good. I know that He loves me enough to have died for me. So why worry about what looks like craziness, when in fact, He is constantly in control. I lost sight of that yesterday. So today I want to focus on the things that I can rejoice in. So I thought I would share that list with you today.

  • Today my husband has a job.
  • Today both of my children are healthy
  • Today I am alive (something that wasn’t guaranteed 5 years ago)
  • Today we have a roof over our heads
  • Today our children get to attend a Christian school
  • Today I have a precious dear sweet friend in Missouri who loves me enough to continue to stay in touch with me via text and phone calls.
  • Today I’ve been married for 14 years and 10 months
  • Today I ran and walked for 2 miles (again something that wasn’t guaranteed 5 years ago)
  • And the most important…..Today, Jesus still died on a cross for my sins so that I can spend eternity with Him!!

These are the things I will continually give thanks for, even when life seems difficult or heavy laden because I know that my Savior will bring His rest and His peace.

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