Kiss It Texas, I’m over you!!!!

I will admit, I thought our move to Texas would be a ton easier than it has been. I had this pie in the sky idea that life would be easy, that things would get better. I was thinking, “Wow hey, we’ll have more than 2 restaurants to choose from on Sunday morning and shopping at our finger tips, vs. having to drive 2 hours to the closest stores or doctors for that matter”. Now having been here in Houston since May 22, I will honestly say this…………I am NOT a fan!!!!
I guess I just assumed that since it’s the “south” that people would be friendly, that I would make insta friends and that we’d buy our dream house, was that to much to ask?

Apparently so!!!! No seriously, the 2 bedroom “temporary” apartment we secured in May was only suppose to be a 3 month lease, we were sure that we’d be in a house, that we bought, before the end of the 3 month lease…..well our 3 month lease is up on Aug. 24 and there is no house or rental in sight, so yes I’m an FREAKING OUT!!!!! My best friend, in Missouri, says, “God loves me and has the best for me” But honestly today I’m not feeling like it!! I feel like what a sick joke. Then my grandma says, “Angie it could always be worse” Which is true. I guess I’m just grouchy today, tired and grouchy and all I want to do is curl up into a ball and have a good cy while running back to the familiar in Missouri. So I just have to get this vent off my chest and then I’ll move forward. I don’t need your judgey attitude, so if you can’t put yourself aside then QUIT READING RIGHT NOW…….. because I’m about to tell you what I HATE about Texas.

My biggest pet peeve is how fake people seem here. Seriously, FAKE!!! Granted we live in Snobville (Katy) but from what I’m learning according to the Cinco Ranch people, the area of Katy we live in is considered the “ghetto”. Now to give you an idea, the average household income for a person my age 435-50 is 150 to 200,000, that’s the AVERAGE, where I’m from that’s a boatload of money!!! Ghetto is NOT the first word that comes to mind when I think about this average household income.

The Cinco Ranch area is even higher, so you can see we are dealing with people with money and sometimes that means people look down their noses, if you understand what I’m saying. I’m not used to all this nonsense. I mean I was raised in a Podunk small Michigan town in the middle of nowhere on food stamps and just enough money to buy school clothes. We lived in a modest two story home. Nothing spectacular. So this rat race in Texas is like living in China where I don’t speak Chinese.

Then on top of that, let’s talk about the churches here. I mean I get it, it’s the Bible belt and all, but COME ON PEOPLE, we’ve visited over a handful of churches on the Sundays we’ve been here. (We’ve only missed one Sunday thus far) and not one person has been welcoming. NOT ONE!!!! It’s been a nightmare. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t feel like a church is putting into place what the pastor is talking about on Sunday morning, I want to run for the door. It’s funny because I was just listening to a Lisa Bevere podcast and she was talking about how women are the heart, the nurturers in the home, church and if a woman walks into a church and doesn’t feel love from the women of said church, she will never return and I laughed out loud at this statement because it’s EXACTLY true!!!! Exactly and that’s how I have felt in every church so far that we’ve visited. One came close, but it was because I was aggressive and asked questions of the “welcome” center. Anyway, I’m just frustrated with it all right now. I honestly just didn’t anticipate our lives being this difficult here in Texas and I hope and pray that sooner than later we adjust, find a place to live and find a church to worship and learn in. I’m hoping this all happens before the 18th when my kids start school, but it definitely needs to happen by Aug. 24th when our lease is up, or else we’ll be living out of a hotel……I’m hoping there will be a day when I look back on this post and think, wow, I can’t believe I really didn’t like Texas because I love it now! I’m hoping and praying for that day to come when I can honestly say moving to Texas and sacrificing the last 7years of our lives for Jeff to go back to school was worth it, because today it certainly doesn’t feel worth it!  OK off to have a good cry now……

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