SORRY not sorry

Yes I’m still thinking about the situation that blew up on my Facebook the other day. I am still sorry that I took a picture of an unsuspecting gym goer and posted it to social media and my commitment from yesterday forward is to no longer do that.

However, I want to get a few things straight.

The girl I was approached by, yes she knew me in high school, 22 years ago. She does NOT have a relationship with me at all today. In fact, she even put in her post that she only knows me know through Facebook. To which I would say I have some ground rules for those of you who do Not know me in real life………here goes

If you’ve never heard my voice or haven’t heard my voice in more than 30 days, this applies to YOU.

DO NOT assume you know me b/c we are Facebook friends or we’ve had a friendship in the past but it has not been nurtured in months……

  1. If you have a problem with something I post on Facebook, in other words, you are offended. First I would say STOP and ask yourself, do I know Angie to be a mean spirited person?
  2. After taking a deep breath, then privately message me and in a loving way state your opinion, perhaps even ask what my thinking was behind whatever it is that offended you and then expect a response.
  3. If you can not do the above two things, either A) unfriend me and go about your life or B) move on

I like to think I am a reasonable person and yes I make tons of mistakes, but I also hear from the Holy Spirit and He will correct me as He often does on a daily basis.

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