I am Human. I was WRONG. I am sorry

So yesterday’s situation has had me thinking about a lot of things for the last 24 hours. In case you missed it, here’s a brief synopsis

I was at the gym yesterday and a girl got on the bike next to me, which is no big deal normally, except she was bathed in perfume. If you know me, you know that I suffer greatly from migraines, like to the point of being hospitalized. So perfume, cigarette smoke are HUGE triggers for me. So this girl getting on the bike next to me with this much perfume was pretty much lethal, so I took a picture of her and posted it on social media, saying, “why would you wear perfume to the gym?” Anyway, a random girl from my group of high school friends, of whom NEVER talks to me in real life, confronted me in a very harsh way, basically saying, “how dare you” I was offended so I took the picture down and said something snotty about taking it down…..then the firestorm hit. I was not planning to incite this much drama. I was just mad and used social media as my outlet.

Regardless, it was WRONG of me to do this….I forget sometimes that Facebook isn’t my personal diary and I over-post. But more than that, someone said, what if this girl was my daughter and that really hit me hard.

So here’s the truth.

I was WRONG. I made a MISTAKE and I’ve had a long all night ongoing conversation with God about it. I’ve asked Him to forgive me and normally when I sin I feel like I have to pay ongoing penance and ask over and over again for forgiveness, but you know what? This is a WRONG view of God’s forgiveness. In His word, God says, “go and sin no more” So that’s what I plan to do………meaning, I will NOT be taking anymore pictures of unsuspecting gym goers, no matter how mad they make me!! In hindsight, I should have just moved to another bike and dropped it. I didn’t. I failed. I am human.

My heart’s deepest desire is to know Jesus. To lose weight. To become healthy. To Inspire. I failed at three of these desires yesterday and I would ask, if you are reading this and knew what was going on that you would forgive me.

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