Highway Robbery

I am just downright frustrated today!!

I am looking at Christian schooling options for my kids here in Houston and it appears the cheapest option is about 9,000 per kid per year. Now my husband makes good money but not that good. I seriously do not understand it at all and quite frankly think that charging a family of four approx.. 20,000 per year for 2 kids seems like sin to me. Are these schools making money off the Christian population? WRONG I say….but these Texans are sure sending their kids to these schools because these schools are still in business. UGH!!!! I am frustrated beyond belief. So we are tied to the Katy area b/c we are able to send our kids to a Christian school here, albeit computer based, but still. Or the other option is pay 10,000 and homeschool them part time and send them to campus part time. My husband doesn’t think this is a good fit either, it irks him that you have to pay that much to homeschool them more than they would be at school. So I am frustrated today and wondering if God has forgotten us here in Houston?

Or maybe I just assumed life would get a little easier here once Jeff was out of college and making money. I guess I’m just frustrated that A) the housing inventory is low at the moment and B) I haven’t really met any kindred spirit type girlfriends here yet. Ok OK  I know it’s only been about 6 weeks, but still….I saw this move and transition going so much differently when we were in Rolla J

In other news….I’m still blowing massive amounts of snot out of my nose, but it’s been good to have some energy back and getting into the gym.

I finally found a PCP doctor that I can live with. He seemed like he was 14, so young, but very compassionate. Sat right down with me and said he wouldn’t be changing my meds until he saw me back in a month. Cut my BP meds back to what it should be and only has me checking it three times a day. I told him I think I could have a undiagnosed anxiety disorder to which he said we can explore at our next visit in a month. He said I may have to go on meds and that it could in turn help my BP. I could handle that. Because driving in this city is NUTS!!! And whenever I drive anywhere or even ride for that matter my BP goes through the roof. He also warned me against using a med that is considered a rescue med to bring my BP down when it seems too high. He said that bringing it down to quickly could actually cause a stroke. So to high or to low BP is dangerous is what I learned yesterday. Who knew at 40 I would be dealing with all this BP craziness…..geesh.

Well I’m off to make my grandma Lewis’ banana cake for a dinner we are going to tomorrow night. A kid Jeff graduated college with in Missouri is from Katy and lives here now and works for ConocoPhillips and his parents have invited us over for dinner, which I think is so sweet. I’m missing having any form of social life with people other than family. So I’m looking forward to it! My back up plan is to take brownies, not that you probably care, but there you go…..

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