Do NOT Settle

It seems like the current theme of my life DO NOT SETTLE……I mean seriously, we put an offer in on a house that I ABSOLUTELY loved and it fell through. All the while my husband has been saying, “Angie God has something even better for us”   argh, whatever, then I was having  “fatso” day, well all last week to be exact and the thought went through my head, maybe I’ll just end up at 222, the weight my bariatric surgeon said I would get to with surgery. 222 is NOT the weight I want to remain at, but with being sick all last week and just being off my A game I was seriously thinking of just settling with being the low 200s and calling it a day. Remember I’m not supposed to get on the scale until Aug., so yes I’m flipping out. So that’s my current struggle. I feel like because I was sick all last week and didn’t go to the gym or eat healthy I feel like I’ve gained 50lbs. Of course I know that if I gained 50 lbs in a week, I should seek immediate medical attention.

So I guess this week’s lesson is as follows……

Stay the course even when you have a couple bad days.

Remain focus on the end goal ALWAYS, my end goal is to get out of the 200s and I’m hoping to do that in 2015

Trust the process…..OK I SUCK at this so totally this could be its own blog worthy post

DO NOT SETTLE…….do not settle for less than the best that God has for you, whether it be in regards to life, health, whatever. He’s got your back, no one else does

So this girl who hasn’t been feeling it for over a week, is saying, I will NOT settle here folks, Will NOT!!

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