In With A Bang

Wow July came in with a bang this year!!

The house that I absolutely loved and could imagine myself living in for 30+ years fell through and I was so sick I could barely lift my head off my pillow. Needless to say the first couple of days of July sucked!!

Since I was so sick, I’ll be honest not only did I NOT go to the gym, but I ate off plan and like CRAP, so I’m kinda nervous about my nutrition appointment on July 10, but at least I have a full week to get back on track. Today is the first day that I can breathe and am starting to feel somewhat better, but I’m not pushing it at all, I’m waiting until Monday to get back into the gym. I’ve already screwed up my meal 1, I ate cereal and for the last couple of days that has been what I’ve done, BUT I continued to eat crap throughout the day, not today. I may have messed up meal one but I will NOT continue to eat off plan for the rest of the day……already back on plan this morning at meal 2. It’s hard to think clearly when your head is full of snot!!

So I thought, since I’m finally feeling better, I’d write down some goals for July

  1. I’m going to continue to NOT weigh until the middle of August. This was Kim’s request to stay off the scale for 6-8 weeks
  2. As of today I’ll be eating back on plan starting from meal 2-5
  3. I will give my body the rest of the weekend to recoop from being sick so that I can hit the gym hard on Monday
  4. I will learn to trust God more this month through prayer and reading His Word
  5. I will try really hard to not stress out about house hunting

So there you go, my July goals, hopefully they are attainable!!

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