A Successful Cheat

The word cheat conjures up, at least in my mind, all sorts of implied wrong behavior. My first real cheat or treat since moving to Texas occurred yesterday. You see, Kim, my nutritionist has me on a plan that allows for a weekly “treat.” This concept is quite new to me as prior to this new plan any form of treat or cheat I viewed as wrong and counterproductive to my goals. I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand the logical behind it, like “does it help with fat loss somehow, if so how?”  Thoughts like this, but I do know that my goal in working with a nutritionist is to learn how to be less obsessive and eat for life. I know that I can not go the rest of my life without enjoying foods that I like. So the rules I have are: weekly and no more than 40grams of sugar. Sugar is in EVERYTHING and 40 grams sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t at all. 2 pieces of fruit= roughly that much. The motto now is to “make better bad choices” For example: yesterday was my daughter’s birthday and we ate at the American Girl Bistro. Now there is not ONE healthy thing on their menu. Their menu consists of fried chicken, hamburgers, pretzel bites etc. The package we got included an appetizer, main course and cake with ice cream. I knew that I would have some cake there as well as at home that evening. I knew this would be the choice I would make for my weekly treat. So I ordered a fruit kabob appetizer, this was 2 skewers of fruit like melon and grapes with a small (about 3 tablespoons of yogurt) and 3 muffins. I ate the fruit and yogurt and didn’t touch the muffins. Then for my main meal I ordered the personal pizza without cheese (cheese is super high in fat) and It was basically flat bread with sauce and green peppers and I enjoyed that more than I would have anything else, to be honest. I drank water and unsweet tea. And I felt proud of myself by the time the cake and ice cream arrived. The portion size of the cake was a thin slice and the ice cream, while last yea I thought was a joke the amount (about ½ of a ½ of a scoop of ice cream in a tiny little bowl, think 2 spoonfuls) This year I was thankful it wasn’t more. I felt completely satisfied and happy with treat number 1 of the day.

By the time dinner arrived, my daughter picked to eat at McDonalds, now this was not a struggle at all for me to choose whether I would indulge there or not. I despise with a passion all things McDonalds….ALL THINGS, I think it’s probably the grossest fast food restaurant on the planet, but I digress. So I knew I would be eating something clean at home and I would just have unsweet tea while the family ate there. My husband, however, talked my daughter into going to Panda Express (fast food Chinese) a step u from McDonalds and had I been starving perhaps an issue, but since I had already eaten I stuck to my original plan of going but only having unsweet tea. We went, I chewed gum and was thankful they had Sobe water. It really wasn’t a struggle. Because I wasn’t hungry and I had seen my daughter’s cake that I was planning to enjoy later. Sometimes delayed gratification makes victory taste so much sweeter!!

So when birthday cake time arrived. I, of course, had a medium slice of cake and a scoop of ice cream. I’ll be honest, this amount compared to previous years was small, but I thought I was being “good” So imagine my surprise when I took a bite of the double fudge brownie chocolate ice cream and it tasted repulsive to me? Two thoughts went through my mind here….The first, “hm I guess I still don’t really like chocolate ice cream, I’ve never really been a fan” and “I can sit here and eat this OR I can forego all ice cream and enjoy another small slice of cake” So in that moment I opted to not eat ice cream and enjoy a second smaller slice of cake.

Going forward I will really think through things like, “do I really want to eat that? Am I willing to overindulge and end up wearing whatever it is I’m eating in that moment? It’s just food, it’ll end up in the toilet in about an hour, so is it really worth it?”

So I feel like I’ve successfully had my first treat on this new plan. I pray that my senses will stay about me and I NEVER veer off course to drastically. I still have goals to obtain, I’m only 19% body fat away from

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